Justice For All Productions's Hollywood Movies Obama & Romney Don’t Want You to See

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The Hollywood movies Obama & Romney don’t want you to see; nation’s most controversial filmmaker releasing 5 star-filled movies. Scathing Obama Satire - Pro-Gay Marriage Courtroom Drama - Anti-Abortion Horror Film

Kenneth DelVecchio

Screen Media Films and Universal will be shaking up America in the next two months with the releases of Kenneth Del Vecchio’s five most recently finished feature films; the stir begins with iTunes and DVD releases this week. “Controversy” is an understatement for these movies: O.B.A.M. Nude, The Life Zone, An Affirmative Act, The Grand Theft and The Great Fight. Del Vecchio – an acclaimed filmmaker of nearly 20 movies starring several Academy Award & Emmy winners and nominees, a best-selling author (novels & legal books), chairman of one of the world’s largest film festivals, an attorney who has tried over 400 cases, and a former judge – is unleashing this slate of films just as the presidential candidates are trying to avoid the hot-button topics that these works confront. President Obama and Governor Romney don’t want voters talking about these movies.

Not even released yet, The Life Zone has gone viral with threats made against Del Vecchio’s life. The attacks are rooted in the movie’s frightening storyline: three women have been kidnapped from abortion clinics and held for seven months – until they all give birth. The film cuts right down the middle, examining the topic of abortion from both sides but, as The Los Angeles Times reports, The Life Zone is “a psychological thriller bringing an emphatically anti-abortion slant to the hot-button issue.” “The Colbert Report” adds, “Just like all great horror films, Del Vecchio’s movie has a shocking twist.” And Newsweek/The Daily Beast headlined with “The Life Zone has caused an uproar”…The movie stars Robert Loggia (Academy Award nominee; Scarface, Big), Lindsey Haun (Broken Bridges, True Blood), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid; Rambo), and Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles). The Life Zone will be released on VOD on December 4, with its DVD release in all major stores and websites on December 11.
See Trailer Here: http://www.justiceforallproductions.com/lifezone.php

On the other side of the aisle is An Affirmative Act, the first-ever courtroom drama about the legalization of gay marriage, with stars Charles Durning (2-time Academy Award/4-time Golden Globe/9-time Emmy winner & nominee), Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles), Costas Mandylor (Saw movies; The Pledge), and Justin Deas (6-time Emmy winner). A pro-gay marriage flick about two lesbians who are arrested for fraudulently posing as a heterosexual couple to obtain equal benefits, leading LGBT publication Go Magazine wrote, “An Affirmative Act is a masterpiece of artistic commentary.” Echelon Magazine exclaimed, “A riveting courtroom drama guaranteed to inflame the passions of the masses.” After having a successful theatrical release in numerous AMC and Showcase theaters throughout the nation, An Affirmative Act is available on iTunes and on DVD (Amazon, etc), with VOD release on December 4.
See Trailer Here: http://www.justiceforallproductions.com/affirmativeact.php

The onslaught continues with this month’s release of O.B.A.M. Nude, the first satire about Barack Obama, which NBC News called “The Most Controversial Film of the Year.” The President definitely doesn’t want audiences watching this scathing, but often funny, Faustian tale—especially right before the election. The film’s inflammatory premise: O.B.A.M., a loner at Occidental College in 1981, snorts cocaine, secretly hoping to become someone important. His dream comes true when Satan (Andrew Gause) appears, promising him a meteoric trip to the United States presidency, where he will transform the world’s greatest democracy into a communist fiefdom…Starring Kenneth Del Vecchio as “O.B.A.M.”, this lightning rod film is available on Netflix, iTunes and on DVD (Amazon, etc) next week, with VOD release on December 4.
See Trailer Here: http://www.justiceforallproductions.com/obam.php

"Anyone who has worked with Ken knows he is a brilliant writer and producer. It's not an exaggeration to call him a genius for what he has accomplished at such a young age, in filmmaking, writing and law. Ken has guts, courage. The state Supreme Court tried to muscle him into silence about his movies. But rather than fold to keep his judge position, he left to protect the most sacred right we have as Americans. Free speech. And that's Ken Del Vecchio."

  • Charles Durning, 2-time Academy Award/4-time Golden Globe/9-time Emmy winner & nominee…and World War II hero, with a Silver Star and multiple Purple Hearts who fought the Battle of the Bulge and D-Day

Kenneth Del Vecchio’s other upcoming releases include: The Great Fight – a 2012 Voice Award nominee, about an Autistic Savant who has prodigious fighting skills. A riveting drama/mystery that will hearten the entire family, The Great Fight is “The Karate Kid with Meaning”, and will be released in all markets by Screen Media Films and Universal in January…The film stars Robert Loggia (Academy Award nominee; Scarface, Big), Joyce DeWitt (“Three’s Company”), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), and Charles Durning (2-time Academy Award/4-time Golden Globe/9-time Emmy winner & nominee).
SEE TRAILER HERE: http://www.justiceforallproductions.com/greatfight.php

The Grand Theft– a riotous comedy about a film crew who are shooting a movie about robbing a jewelry store, but who really rob the store to fund their movie! The movie stars Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles), Thomas G. Waites (The Thing), and Robert Loggia (Academy Award nominee; Scarface, Big), and will be released in all markets by Screen Media Films and Universal in December.
See Trailer Here: http://www.justiceforallproductions.com/grandtheft.php

Del Vecchio also just finished shooting Scavenger Killer, an insane serial killer/horror film that has no boundaries, starring three Academy Award nominees (Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia & Charles Durning) as well as Robert Bogue (“Guiding Light”) and Rachael Robbins (Screaming Dead), and SNAPSHOT, a political thriller starring Zach McGowan (“Shameless”), Michael Pare (Eddie and the Crusiers, Streets of Fire), Joyce DeWitt (“Three’s Company”), and Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia.

Kenneth Del Vecchio is a critically acclaimed filmmaker who has written, produced and directed nearly 20 feature films that star 75+ film and TV stars, including numerous Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees. Mr. Del Vecchio’s movies have often caused substantial controversy and blogger/media uproars (and attacks) that have gone viral. A selection of his films include: An Affirmative Act (a pro-gay marriage courtroom drama); The Life Zone (an anti-abortion horror film); The Great Fight (an MMA thriller about an autistic savant); Three Chris’s (a comedy where Jesus, Santa Claus and Satan share an apartment); and O.B.A.M. Nude (a scathing Obama satire). His movies are distributed by industry leaders such as Screen Media Films, Universal, Millennium Entertainment, Vivendi Entertainment, Anchor Bay, Take 2 Releasing, and E-1 Entertainment. A modern-day Renaissance Man who comes from a modest middle-class background, Kenneth Del Vecchio has accomplished much more than filmmaking successes. He is founder and chairman of one of the world’s largest film festivals, Hoboken International Film Festival. He also is the author of some of the nation’s best-selling legal books, including a series of criminal codebooks published by Prentice Hall and ALM. A best-selling criminal suspense novelist, he penned his first published novel at only 24-years-old. He also is the publisher of one of New Jersey’s only daily newspapers, Garden State Journal. In addition, he is the owner of The Criminal Law Learning Center, where he has taught thousands of police officers and lawyers. An avid weight-lifting competitor, he has won more than 40 bench press competitions…And he is a former Judge, who also has tried over 400 cases as a practicing criminal attorney.

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