For The First Time In History, Allows Individuals To Own Authentic Pieces Of The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, In Beautiful Fine Jewelry

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Introducing a new line of fine jewelry containing a genuine piece of The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France 1889) Eiffel Tower Jewelry Eiffel Tower Jewelry

Wouldn’t it be incredible to create beautiful jewelry containing an actual piece of the world’s most famous and beloved structure? - Paul Michael Bedell Founder of Korbella™ and

Korbella ™ (meaning “beautiful heart”) and launches with the mission of creating beautiful fine jewelry to inspire dreams and capture your personal and treasured Eiffel Tower memories. To commemorate these moments, Korbella™ acquired a rare artifact—an actual staircase section from the Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 in Paris, France, for the 1889 World’s Fair—and with it created a contemporary fine jewelry line now available in the flagship Eiffel Tower Forever collection on Nearly every style contains a piece of the world’s most recognizable monument, the Eiffel Tower.

“Paris has always occupied a special place in my heart,” says Paul Michael Bedell, founder and chief creative officer of Korbella™ and “In fact, it was during a recent vacation there that my daughter fell in love with the city—and with the Eiffel Tower, in particular—that I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be incredible to create beautiful jewelry containing an actual piece of the world’s most famous and beloved structure’? Through a unique and precious memento, people could connect with the romance and mystique of Paris whenever they like.”

Upon returning from that trip, Mr. Bedell, a former financial services executive, decided to capture that magical time with his family forever by developing the Korbella™ line of tarnish-resistant sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil (18k gold over sterling silver), and 18k gold (by special order only) jewelry containing authentic pieces of the Tower. After nearly a year of research, including locating and purchasing a section of the original spiral staircase that once connected the lower Tower floors to the top (removed in 1983 for safety reasons), Mr. Bedell is now offering his American-made jewelry for retail prices ranging from $190 for a pair of sterling earrings to $1,170 for a Rêves de Paris large 18k gold vermeil medallion necklace. Seven limited-production (when the Tower supply is exhausted, jewelry manufacturing will cease) designs are currently available, though more are in the works. Fittingly enough, the company’s tagline—“What will your heart remember?” —speaks to the powerful emotions evoked by visits to the French landmark. The jewelry is available for purchase only through

“To millions of people across the globe, the Eiffel Tower represents romance, mystique, the magic of Paris, and the promise of countless unspoken dreams,” explains Mr. Bedell. “Korbella ™ and treasure the opportunity to share that magic, giving people a chance to channel the soul of Paris with these exquisite and unique pieces.”

About Paul Michael Bedell and Korbella™:

Korbella™ and are jewelry ventures formed in 2011 in Austin, Texas, where Paul Michael Bedell, founder and chief creative officer, is based. Mr. Bedell is a one-time financial services executive whose professional career spans more than 25 years with blue-chip companies like General Electric and Citigroup, and executive leadership roles like those of president of a national insurance group that was acquired by Citigroup, chief operations resources officer of a publicly traded Fortune 500 company, and chief marketing officer for Prudential, Plc. in Hong Kong. Throughout Mr. Bedell’s career, he and his family have lived in six different countries—Austria, Belgium, Germany, China, Indonesia, and Poland—and seven different U.S. states. He chose the name Korbella for his new enterprise for its personal significance; it is a family name with origins in the Veneto region of Italy and means “beautiful heart.” Korbella™ and are committed to creating beautiful jewelry that will inspire dreams, touch your heart, and evoke treasured memories, and the company’s tagline “What will your heart remember?” reflects Mr. Bedell’s view that hearts and minds work together when forming and recalling treasured memories.

About the Eiffel Tower and the section owned by Korbella™ and

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most famous and beloved structures, with nearly 7 million visitors annually and more than 250 million visitors total since it first opened to the public in 1889. For many people, the Eiffel Tower is inextricably linked to the romance and mystique of Paris, France.

The Tower segment that Korbella™ acquired is an original section of a helical or spiral staircase that once connected the lower Tower floors to the top, but was removed in 1983 for safety reasons. The piece was purchased from an owner who had already auctioned off a companion lower piece through Christie’s in June 2011; later that year, Korbella™ acquired the upper segment from the same seller. Mr. Bedell’s piece was even featured in a 2011 episode of the National Geographic Channel® television show, Pricing the Priceless, where video footage showed the staircase segment being cut apart.

One spiral staircase section remains on permanent display at the Eiffel Tower itself, while three others were originally donated to French museums, and the rest were auctioned off to collectors and institutions across the globe. Some staircase segments have commanded prices approaching $1 million.

Note: Korbella™ is not affiliated with Christie’s or the National Geographic Channel®.

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