Tips To Help Lower Heating and Cooling Bills and Special Pricing for Fall Preseason Furnace Tune-up Announced by R.S. Andrews HVAC in Atlanta, GA

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R.S. Andrews HVAC in Atlanta, GA shares tips on reducing heating costs this winter and announces special pricing on preventative maintenance programs for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning.

Atlanta HVAC

Atlanta HVAC

Homeowners and commercial property managers depend on reliable heating and air conditioning system for comfort at home and work. This valuable equipment must be serviced to prevent major break downs later on.

There are some things that happen once every four years and that's fine, but don’t let heating and air conditioning maintenance be one of them. The top energy savings tip is to have heating and air systems serviced regularly. A regularly maintained HVAC system will consume less electricity and gas. If an HVAC system has not serviced by a licensed professional since the last presidential election, then now is the time to schedule one.

Homeowners and commercial property managers depend on reliable heating and air conditioning system for comfort at home and work. This valuable equipment must be serviced to prevent major break downs later on.

More Top Heating and Cooling Energy Saving Tips

1. Install a programmable thermostat for home heating. It can save lots of energy while you’re sleeping or away from home – and will re-warm your house shortly before you wake up or return home from work.

2. Set your home’s thermostat at the coolest level you can without making your rooms uncomfortable. For most homes, the heating bill drops by about 2 percent for every 1 degree the thermostat is lowered.

3. Lower your home’s thermostat at bedtime or while you’re away during the day. Setting the thermostat to 58 degrees while you’re asleep (you may need an extra blanket!) can cut your natural-gas bill by up to 7 percent.

4. Seal up leaky drafts around doors and windows with weather-stripping, caulking, and door sweeps. (And don’t forget to keep the damper closed on a fireplace or wood-burning stove when it’s not in use.) Also seal up any leaks or gaps in furnace ducts that extend through unheated basements or crawl spaces.

5. Have your furnace inspected and tuned up every year (before the heating season starts), and clean or replace the air filters on your furnace every two months during the heating season. Your furnace will run more efficiently and use less energy.

6. Make sure you have adequate insulation in your home’s attic and walls, and around heating ducts that pass through unheated spaces.

7. Always purchase Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency furnace , air conditioner and heat pump when it’s time to replace worn-out heating and cooling equipment.

R. S. Andrews Heating and Air Conditioning in Atlanta, GA anounces special pricing on furnace tune-ups of $79 thru 10/31/2012.

Your HVAC pre-season precision tune-up includes:

1. Cleaning Condenser Coil
2. Verify Thermostat Operation
3. Measure Voltage
4. Measure Amp Draw
5. Inspect Belt Condition
6. Measure Refrigerant Pressures – Adding refrigerant extra charge
7. Measure Temperature Drop Across Coil
8. Measure Super Heat & Sub-Cooling
9. Tighten Wiring Connections and Insulation
10. Oil Blower Motor If Necessary
11. Inspect Condensate Drain
12. Inspect Contacts For Pitting & Wear
13. Inspect Furnace Filter (Customer will be advised if filter needs to be changed. Additional charge for filter due to various sizes and types.)
14. Inspect Evaporator Coil (Cleaning may be extra)

Parts replacement extra. Call for pricing.

Heating and air conditioning tune-ups reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems with your air conditioning system that can be corrected at a low price before causing major repair break down and their large bills.

It is understood that regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner, heat pump and furnace working efficiently, keeping your family and clients comfortable throughout the year while keeping your utility bills as low as possible.

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