The World's First Underwater Magic Show Gives Audiences a Unique and Wet Experience

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Adventure artists, Paul Nathan and Martin Mall immerse audiences in a unique underwater magic show. See videos and images at:

For the first time ever adventure artists Paul Nathan and Martin Mall take audiences with them in the world’s first truly immersive magic experience. For year’s audiences have watched magicians eat fire, juggle knives, and perform seemingly impossible escapes in the most harrowing of circumstances. The underwater magic show show takes place five meters under water. Guests wear scuba gear or hold their breath for the twenty-minute experience. You can see video and images of the show at:

Previous underwater shows took place in aquariums or, in the case of the Penn and Teller spectacular, on TV and allowed the audience to watch from a dry vantage point. Nathan and Mall invite guests to immerse themselves in a magical world for a truly unique experience.

When asked about the challenges of performing underwater Nathan answered, "It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. We had to invent brand new ways of doing virtually everything. Movement happens in slow motion, there is no way to fool people with a quick move. The plastic cards we use stick together making it impossible to do any of the manipulation I am used to. Being underwater is like being weightless, everything floats away, cards, coins, ropes, even us. We had to learn how to stand still while working with our props."

An accident of fate brought Paul to dive4life in Siegburg, Germany. Paul says “It was a lightning bolt of inspiration like the first time I saw the Coliseum or experiencing the bullring in Pamplona. Underwater sound is different, colors are different, your senses are heightened and your perception of the world around you is altered. Doing magic in a world of magic is the most magical thing of all."

The show takes place at dive4life, an indoor Scuba Diving facility in Siegburg, Germany. A dozen lucky guests will don scuba gear and descend to about fifteen feet below the water’s surface where they will be part of the show. After the show guests are invited to explore more than three million liters of crystal clear water in a diving environment unlike anything else in the world.

“We didn’t set out to be adventure performers, we are just performers who like adventure” says Martin Mall. Paul is an avid Scuba diver and Martin skydives. Last year they created the Magic Skydive show for the FAI Skydiving World Cup. There were tons of top competitors from the skydiving community who have known Martin for years and had no idea he performed for a living until that show. “It was fun to create something both unique to and special for the skydiving community.”

“The Magic Skydive show was Martin's idea”, says Paul, the American half of the international team. “Martin and I were having drinks in a bar in the old CIA Headquarters interrogation rooms in what used to be West Berlin. After a few drinks Martin challenged me to create a magic trick that involved skydiving. Five minutes later the table was covered in dozens of napkins with rough sketches and equations for speed when falling, diagrams of electrical equipment that could broadcast video from under a parachute, and some pretty hefty cost projections.” Two years later the show premiered at the Skydiving World Cup. Paul shot a deck of cards out of a cannon and Martin caught one of the cards in his mouth while falling from the sky. It was part magic, part stunt, and all spectacle.

The Underwater Magic Show plays one night only. Tuesday, October 23rd. 7:30 pm at dive4life in Siegburg, Germany.

Information and tickets available at

Paul Nathan is guest starring in the GOP Theater in Essen Germany in the Quilitz Show through December 31st. Martin Mall stars in Licht Gestalten through January 6th. in Munich

About dive4life:
dive4life is Europe’s premiere indoor dive spot. The tank is almost a hundred feet deep filled with over three million liters of clear water in a friendly and safe environment that is perfect of learning and practicing the art and science of scuba diving. The friendly and knowledgeable staff of dive masters and instructors provides education, equipment, and tips and tricks for divers of all levels of experience.

About GOP.
GOP Theater is Europe’s largest Variete Theater company with six full time theaters and a number of seasonal projects running throughout Germany. Tor more than 25 years GOP has created some of Germany’s most exciting variety shows.

About the artists:
Martin Mall:
Martin is Germany’s most elegant juggler. Martin’s shows combine live music and high tech lighting and laser effects along with elegant juggling.

About Paul Nathan:
Paul has performed for three US Presidents as well as appearing on multiple television shows including Star Trek Voyager. Paul is currently on a one year tour for the GOP Theaters in Germany.

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