Reincarnation Is No Longer a Religious Matter

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A new book by Paul Alnezian answers an age-old question: Is That All There Is?

The author, Paul Alnezian

A rose growing in a pig-farm will still be a rose just as a pig in a rose-garden will still be a pig

Albert Einstein declared “God does not play dice with the universe.” But if, as Einstein suggests, there is a plan, there is a system behind the apparent chaos of physical reality – not to mention our everyday lives – can we hope to grasp the workings of that system?

If God is all-powerful and all good – if God is really God – how can one explain the obvious injustice that seems to permeate the world? How can one understand “why bad things happen to good people?”

Or maybe Einstein was wrong. Maybe God does play dice with the universe. Maybe God is not all-powerful, or not all good. Maybe there’s just nothing.

In his new book entitled Is That All There Is?, Paul Alnezian directly confronts these issues and arrives at a startling conclusion. To believe that God is not playing dice with the universe, we must look beyond the material world for that affirmation but without necessarily relying on answers from religion. But that’s only the first step. We must also recognize, as great thinkers have recognized throughout human history, some astounding truths:

>> That more than one lifetime is required to resolve the imbalances and injustices we see every day

>> That karma is a reality. What goes around really does come around

>> That if Einstein was correct, reincarnation is an inevitable, powerful, and overwhelmingly logical conclusion

Studying the history of reincarnation over the centuries, Paul saw how the topic was willfully suppressed by the major religions of the West – and of course disdainfully ignored by science, Einstein or no Einstein.

A skeptical person could question why anyone would want to suppress such knowledge if indeed it existed, and if it were true! What motive or benefit would organized religion have in suppressing this vital information that explains life?

(But before answering those questions, let’s acknowledge that the major JudeoChristian religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are in effect major international conglomerates that probably own more real estate and liquid assets than the Fortune 100 companies -- and they don’t have stocks traded on the stock exchange.)

An answer to the skeptic’s question might include other questions: why would tobacco companies withhold information regarding the harmful effects of tobacco when they knew very well that their products were not only addictive but also cancer-causing to the consumer and to bystanders as well?

The answer is money, profits and power. Major corporations and organizations, religious or not, will not give in until and unless they have to!
In his book entitled "Is That All There Is?" Paul Alnezian asserts his belief that the time has come for people to take back the control of their lives and improve their lives regardless of whether religious institutions condone it or not. Every life is too precious to be wasted. Reading Is that All There Is? makes one either a believer in reincarnation or a believer in Santa Claus. No two ways about it.
"Is That All There Is?" will launch in December 2012. Pre-publication review copies are available. To schedule an interview, speaking engagement, request a review copy, pre-purchase one or for further information, contact: Paul Alnezian at (818)415-6796.

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