PYCO Scientifically Predicts Romney to Win Ohio

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Using the psychological type of 8.7 million Ohioans and statistical science, PYCO predicts Romney to win Ohio because his communication style and message better matches with the personality of Ohioans, especially the swing voters.

The psychology type preference of Ohio swing voters betters matches Romney's style and message.

Romney has the better personality match to the Ohio swing voters, so his message will resonate more, and PYCO predicts they'll give him the victory in Ohio this November.

At PYCO, they use science and technology to predict how people behave, based upon their psychological type preferences. They then apply this to various scenarios, like buying a luxury watch, taking a cruise around the world, requesting a home loan, buying antioxidant drinks, and even voting.

In the case of Ohio, a key swing state in the 2012 US Presidential elections, they've predicted Mitt Romney to win. His message and his preferred psychological type (aka personality) match better with the predominant psychological type of the swing voters of Ohio. They find that based on psychological type preferences of 8.7 million Ohio adults, the percentage who'll connect with:

44.66%—Mitt Romney
36.08%—Barack Obama

How the 19.26% will vote in Ohio? The Swing voters will continue to process new information up until the vote. The past two debates, certainly impact the ultimate decision the swing voter makes. While pundits state which candidate won which debate, PYCO analyzes the messages and ways each candidate communicates. After the first two debates out of three, its clear Romney's communicate style and message better matches the psychological type of swing voters.

Their view of the debates:

1st Debate: It was very clear that Romney won the 1st debate. Mr. Romney aligned himself well with the swing voters in Ohio. His style, manners, approaches, and his sharing of past achievements connected very well with these swing voters in Ohio.

Biden vs. Ryan: It was a draw. Biden could have won the debate if he had controlled his demeanor.

2nd Debate: Mr. Obama won the 2nd debate. But, not by a big margin, unlike Mr. Romney's 1st debate win. The swing voters will continue to observe, listen, and monitor these candidates, but Romney still has the winning vote.

About Ohio Voters
From the psychological type perspective, the people of Ohio score high on Sensing (17.04% higher than the whole US pop). This means that the majority of people want to see the "here-and-now" solutions and not the future possibilities. In addition, there are many Ohioans with SJ (Sensing+Judging) Temperament (17.84% higher than the national average).

How to Connect and Communicate with Ohio Voters

  • Show appreciation for their hard work and thank them. SJs are the backbone of the society and value right and wrong.
  • The people look at credentials, past experience, and facts. Don't feel shy in displaying them, but don't boast.
  • Tell them how you can strengthen the job market. What is your plan?
  • Show them a timeline of how you can bring the economy back--back to the robust economy.
  • Never tell them you can turnaround the economy within few months because SJs don't believe that.
  • They want to see the here-and-now solutions and not the future possibilities.
  • Don't play too much dirty politics because they don't appreciate that.

Tips to get NT+SJ people (or swing voters) in OH:

  • limit personal attack campaigning
  • present facts in logical manners/reasons
  • show past successes
  • disagree with logical facts, versus opinions
  • derisive smiling/laughter is viewed badly
  • quality combating is good...bullying combating is bad.

How does PYCO match the candidates psychological type to the voter's of Ohio? It uses a proprietary algorithm that processes publicly available data and outputs psychological type. It's done this on 181 million US Adults to date. Grouping the voter's of Ohio, it analyzed them and matched to its predictions of the two candidates.

PYCO's view on Psychological Type of Mr. Mitt Romney

He is dependable, conscientious, decisive, practical, organized, and committed in fulfilling his obligations. He is faithful and places strong emphasis on loyalty, authority, family, and tradition.

Mr. Romney's Predicted Leadership Type

  • Service-oriented leadership
  • Obtain cooperation via relationship building
  • Future/growth-oriented
  • Follow things through to completion
  • Creative and inspirational

PYCO's view on Psychological Type of Mr. Barak Obama

He is practical, organized, structured, decisive, sets high standards (based on personal set of beliefs) and fulfills his duties. He is faithful and values tradition, security, stability, and social order.

Mr. Obama's Predicted Leadership Type

  • Natural leader and comfortable taking charge
  • Respects hierarchy
  • Quick in decision making and straight-forward
  • Driven to fulfill duties
  • Creative and inspirational

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