Dr. Lynne Curry of The Growth Company Releases Strategies for Clients to Make Career Dreams a Reality

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The Growth Company's CEO, Lynne Curry, Ph. D., opens the floodgates for developing strategies to self-motivation and how to make career dreams a reality

Dream it

Action transforms a person from someone who can “talk a good story” into someone who lives a good story – and who brings a dream to life.

With over thirty years of business management and consulting experience, Lynne Curry, Ph.D., SPHR, CEO of The Growth Company has successfully helped clients to make their career dreams a reality. Today, Dr. Curry releases these strategies to all clients in an attempt to help even more dreams become actuality.

Many clients have disclosed to Dr. Curry that they have often times stopped themselves from dreaming of more desirable jobs because they have felt the dreams were too ambitious or too far-fetched. Dr. Curry consoles clients saying that whether their dream involves wanting to run their own business, landing a higher-paying, more exciting job or retiring by 50 they should realize they can have everything they want.

How? Dr. Curry says to start by dreaming large. Those who hesitate to dream big neutralize the power potential of a good dream. In the same way that the chance to win an Olympic medal keeps an athlete performing at peak levels despite exhaustion, by dreaming true, though next-to-impossible dreams a person kindles their adrenaline.

Next, Dr. Curry says once a person names their dream, they should move it from twilight to daybreak by facing what stops them from full dream achievement. Do they feel they’re not good enough? Or that they fear they might work for years and still not succeed and so they don’t try? Dr. Curry says, “Guess what? Because you’re the author of your mental conversations, you can create new ones. How would it be if you told yourself, ‘When I establish a goal I really want and commit to it, nothing can stop me?’ Anything you see someone else achieve, you can – if you believe in yourself, work hard and release your mental parking brake.”

Third, Dr. Curry mentions to identify the other practical and intangible ways people sabotage their chance to achieve their dream. Do they wait overlong for the right moment to get started? Do they so fear risks that they decide to settle for “good enough?” If they truly want to achieve their dream, Dr. Curry says to confront and uproot the ways in which they undermine themselves. For example, if they fear risk, decide which feels worse – risking and failing and then trying again or selling out by giving up before they start. If they tend to settle for less than they want or stall while the months pass them by, think ten to twenty years into the future. What do they want said at their retirement? – “He took a risk and won” or “whoops, maybe in the next life.”

Subsequently, Dr. Curry advises to then move their dream further into reality by painting it concretely. According to psychologist Steve DeVone, when a person creates an intense enough vision of their dream that they can see it, they incorporate the vision into their brain’s electrochemistry, making it a motivating component of their mental framework. In contrast, a vague dream creates only a blur and fails to kindle the mental energy needed to motivate action. Thus, if a person wants to make more money, get specific – is that $50,000, $75,000, $100,000 or $150,000? According to Dr. Curry by making a dream concrete this helps fill in the gap between a dream and reality.

Next, Dr. Curry advises clients to cement the likelihood of victory by fully dedicating to their dream. This means not giving themselves an “out.” Dr. Curry better explains this by adding, “Think of all the individuals who make a New Year’s resolution to stop smoking yet add, ‘Unless I really need the cigarette.’ Don’t sell yourself out. Commitment creates the difference between achieving what you want and ‘if only I’d….’”

Finally, to bring a large dream into reality Dr. Curry adds that a person needs to step up to the plate and take action. Action transforms a person from someone who can “talk a good story” into someone who lives a good story – and who brings a dream to life.

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