QuadW International, Inc. Purchases MX Financial Services as it continues to expand in the sub-prime marketplace.

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New Max Cash Title Loans parent brand will pioneer client advocacy in financial services, loan products.

MX Financial Services
"The expansion of MX Financial Services to the QuadW International portfolio will position our company as a major player in the sub-prime marketplace."

QuadW International Inc. has expanded the unique client advocacy program of their Max Cash Title Loans venture with the purchase of the newly acquired MX Financial Services. MX Financial Services offers a service similar to Max Cash Title Loans - to protect both customer and lender in title loan services — which is changing direction to cover all financial lending needs, from auto title loans to student and payday loans.

While Max Cash Title Loans will now be folded into the parent brand of MX Financial Services, QuadW International has doubled down on its commitment to help consumers understand the intricate and often misleading information that loan products can entail, as well as connecting them to the best lenders and plans to suit their needs, person-to-person, seven days a week.

“For the sake of understanding what loan processing is: I want you to think about it as a fence,” said QuadW International President Fred Winchar. “On one side of the fence is the lender and on the other side of the fence is the customer. We’re on the side of the fence with the customer, meaning, we take complex information, and we also take confusing information, and we take information that is sometimes omitted from the customer. We make sure the customer is fully informed and knows about what’s going on with their loan process, so they know exactly what they’re getting. It’s the customer’s decision at that point whether or not to continue.”

The Max Cash brand refers title loan consumers to competing lenders in many U.S. states, the U.K. and Canada free of charge. Now with the launch of MX Financial Services through the Max Cash brand, a more intensive service will be provided. This program will pair each paying “VIP” customer with a client advocate, who will work around the customer’s schedule over the course of 72 hours to fund their immediate financial needs.

The goal of the client advocate is not just to link lending companies with consumers, however, but to guide the customer through what is sure to be an emotional and stressful time. Whether one is dealing with a sudden financial emergency, going through the death (and costly funeral arrangements) of a loved one, or simply getting a loan for basic expenses during a tough time, going through a loan process during an emergency can be quite a burden.

Applying for a loan during these times, says Winchar, can add further risk to an already risky situation, as the emergency of the need can cause a person to jump into a loan they may not fully understand. That is where the client advocate of MX Financial comes in: a clear head when the customer’s head may be anything but.

“We have a rushed timeline, but our process is very non-rushed in that three-day period,” said Winchar. “We know what we need to do, but they don’t need to know the pressure. We handle the pressure and we’ll help them. The reason why you hire an attorney is not to handle your legal matter — it’s to give you peace of mind.”

The MX Financial Services professional service also stands as one of the few human voices in a financial world that is becoming increasingly mechanized. For most people, this can mean 20 different emails and 20 different phone calls to 20 different lenders, a whole lot of waiting for return calls, and no one who can understand their problems or, of course, their solutions. With QuadW International and MX Financial Services, it only takes one phone call or email to get the ball rolling quickly and effectively, and a client will be connected to a human being who knows the market, and just as importantly knows human beings. The key to this service, then, rests in real relationships.

“The loan industry is turning into an automated, robot environment where customers are now simply rated on certain robotic credentials and a numerical value,” noted Winchar. “Basically, you’re given a number and according to the lender, this is your value. It’s not a true reflection of your actual report. It tries to be, but it’s not. The financing industry is turning into this process, this numerical value — it’s removing, as much as possible, the human element out of it. You’ve seen it in the finance industry. It’s horrible: You can call and you can’t even get somebody on the phone, and when you do, they don’t have any real information — there’s no personal connection anymore to what’s going on … You could be a good credit risk if you talk to a human; you could be a bad credit risk if I look at your numbers. We look at the human side, and we use the numbers to help us better understand what we need to overcome, not how we can limit you from getting what you need.”

MX Financial Services and its brand Max Cash Title Loans uses proprietary software “Quantum Loan Technology”, developed by the engineers at QuadW International, Inc. to untangle the often confusing loan application and loan processing procedure. By using this Quantum Loan Technology tool, the Client Advocate at MX Financial Services has a unique edge: they can focus more on the person who is applying rather than the process of applying for the loan.

This is the real reason why more and more people trust their loans with MX Financial Services, they trust that the client advocates at MX Financial will lead them from application through funding thanks to high quality online processing and friendly, engaging customer service. QuadW International and Max Cash Title Loans have always stood — and with MX Financial Services, will continue to stand to take a complex financial world and make it human.

QuadW International started in 2009 by Fred Winchar and James Sears as a title loan lead provider. In 2010 QuadW started providing SEO services to limited clientele with the executive staff addition of John Nolan. In 2011 the company grew to offer reputation management services and multiple loan services and developed robust loan and lead processing software called Quantum Loan Technology to the public and in 2012, acquired MX Financial Services to offer loan processing. QuadW International Inc. is a privately held corporation.

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