Is a Third Party Vote “A Wasted Vote?” Success Council Releases Judge Jim Gray’s Answer On The Wasted Vote Theory and Who To Vote For In The Election on November 7

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Success Council Interviews Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, On The Question: Is A Vote For A Third Party A “Wasted Vote”? Gray Responds, and Champions the Cause of the Third Party, The Libertarians, Who Stand To Gain 5% of the Vote in the Upcoming Election, Changing the Two-Party System For Good.

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A vote for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Despite the “wasted vote” defense, for the first time in history, a Third Party, the Libertarian Party, stands to gain 5 percent of the vote, passing the threshold under the Federal Election Campaign Act. This would give the Libertarians matching federal funding (about $90 million) to what the Democrats and Republicans already receive. According to Daily Paul, a libertarian website, this will change the Two-Party System for good.

When the issue of voting for a third party arises, mainstream media, like Fox and CNN usually respond, “if you vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, you are wasting your vote, and taking votes away from either Barack Obama (CNN) or Mitt Romney (FOX News).”    

But it hasn’t always been a two-party system. In a recent interview by the freedom-minded platform, Success Council, Judge Jim Gray points out, the founding fathers were all members of different parties. So why does America only offer the Coke and Pepsi version of politics? And why are we told that a third party vote is a “wasted vote?”

According to Wikipedia, Americans invented the idea of a party-based system by linking public opinion with public policy through your chosen party. But what if your party’s leader doesn’t accurately represent your beliefs? Who should you vote for when neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney is your cup of tea?

For example, there are democrats who are pro-life and think the national debt is out of control, and needs to be reeled in. And there are republicans who recognize gay rights and want to tax the poor more, under the idea that they “pay their fair share.”

So where does a third party fit in? For Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, Judge Jim Gray, the answer is: right in the middle. Libertarians believe that individuals should run their own lives, without much government intrusion.

Judge Gray thinks the Libertarian message appeals to the Republicans who are not represented by Mitt Romney because Libertarians are for low taxes and small government. The Libertarian ideals also appeal to Democrats because Libertarians believe that government should have no say in who you marry or what you put in your body.

But the two-party system, strongly supported by the media and lobby groups, repeatedly warns: “A vote for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, is a ‘wasted vote.”

Here is what Judge Jim Gray had to say in response to the “Wasted Vote Theory”:

Judge Gray says, “a vote for the lesser of two evils is still evil” and “you should vote for someone.” According to Judge Gray, if the Coke-Pepsi choice of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney does not suit you, you should vote for the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson, and Vice Presidential Candidate, Judge Jim Gray.

A vote for Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray will mean the beginning of the end of a Two-Party System. If Johnson and Gray get over the five percent threshold, it will mean Federal funding for the Libertarian Party, and more chances for them to debate, and be seen and heard in mainstream media. That, according to Judge Gray, is not a wasted vote.

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