Private Investigator Sheffield Announces Tracing Services for Tracking Down Sperm Donors

The private detective service has announced its tracing services as demand for sperm donors increases and law changes aid tracing.

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We will try our best to track down the best source of information available to give them some idea about their background.

(PRWEB UK) 23 October 2012

A Sheffield fertility unit is appealing for more donations as it was revealed not a single sperm donation has been made in the city this year.

It is thought the slump in donations is due to a change in the law in 2005 which allows donors to be identified if a child, born with their help, wishes to track them down when they reach 18.

Prior to 1991, donations were anonymous and there was and is no requirement for a record to be kept. Between 1991 and 2005 there was a law change that meant records of sperm and egg donations were kept. Since October 2009, any child born of those donations who are over 18 (16 in special cases) can apply for non identifying information of the donor such as hair colour but not their name.

However, donors from between 1991 and 2005 can apply to have their names attached to their case files and learn some facts about their donation if they wish.

Some children born from sperm donation are understandably curious about their background and want to trace their donor for either biological information or to find and meet with them. Private Investigator Sheffield is often called in to find and locate people, from long lost relatives to old friends, and is sometimes called in to locate donors.

A spokesperson from Private Investigator Sheffield said:

“Understandably there is a lot red tape around sperm donation in regards to anonymity. If we are requested to locate a donor, we will try our best to track down the best source of information available to give them some idea about their background. If a donor has submitted their name, then we will attempt to locate them if that is what is requested.”

Private Investigator Sheffield along with their sister company Private Detective Huddersfield is a team of highly trained professional and discreet private investigators and detectives with over 35 years experience in the industry. Their understanding and approachable team of male and female detectives are available 24/7 to conduct matrimonial, corporate and private investigations.


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