Jasper Williams of Centerville, SD Explains Education Planning for Autistic Students

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A new Huffington Post article explains the importance of careful planning for the education of autistic students, including programs that aid in both intellectual and social development. Jasper Williams of Centerville, SD is the father of two autistic children. Because of his experiences with the disorder, he supports the article’s call for structure in autistic students’ curriculum.

A new article released by The Huffington Post discusses the importance of planning when it comes to teaching students with autism. The article explains the need for both class time and services to help children with their own unique set of needs. Without this fine balance, the author explains, children can get mainstreamed too quickly or fail to truly benefit from the school’s programs. Jasper Williams of Centerville, SD is the father of two autistic children. He supports the ideas expressed in the article.

The article’s author explains that educational planning for students with autistic spectrum disorders is often complicated. For the children who do have the ability to get integrated into mainstream settings, it can become hard to find the right balance between these classes and the services that help the students work on their unique set of special needs. The article emphasizes that while many children with autism benefit from time with peers and teachers, they still need extra help because they are developmentally behind.

The article says that even children who only display mild social impairments and don’t have problems in mainstream classes still reap the benefits of these additional programs. Because of this, the author explains, it’s important that educational plans find a way to incorporate these services into a child’s curriculum. This allows the student to continue to develop his or her social and communication skills, which are slower to progress than his or her peers.

Jasper Williams of Centerville, SD is the father of two autistic children. He agrees with the ideas expressed in the article, saying, “While early intervention is best, there are still high-functioning children in middle school that would also benefit from social skills classes. Too often these are the children that wind up in the principal’s office because they become too much of a problem for educators or because they are involved in fights. Sure, there might be stigma attached to a social skills class, but it would benefit those students greatly later in life."

The article also emphasizes the need for daily repetition in order for autistic students to continue to develop social skills. It also suggests that constant monitoring is necessary to ensure that students are progressing in school and are receiving all of the extra assistance necessary for a positive educational experience.

The piece goes on to explain that because this disorder frequently goes hand in hand with symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), it’s important to watch for these types of learning disabilities in students with the condition. Careful care and consideration is needed to help students with autism spectrum disorders make the most out of their time in school.

Jasper Williams of Centerville, SD is the father of two children with autism. He uses much of his time to read about the disease and learn how to help his children excel in school and in their social lives. He also encourages parents to know the warning signs and symptoms of the condition. When he’s not caring for his kids, Jasper loves cooking and is passionate about Cajun cuisine.

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