Protect Your Bubble Shares Smartphone Water Damage Tips for Consumers

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Gadget Insurance Brand Helps Save Smartphones from Death by Water

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Protect Your Bubble

Gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, shares some tips for reviving a watery smartphone device.

Water damage accounts for a lot of today’s smartphone damage. Whether dropping in the pool, sink, or toilet, it can wreak havoc on one’s device. In fact, according to an article on CNET, “19 percent of people drop phones down the toilet.” While often times, the phone is considered a “goner,” there are some tips to save the phone. Gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, shares some tips for reviving a watery device. (Source: WikiHow)

1.    Stay Calm - Freaking out will only make the problem worse. It is best to maintain a clear head to ensure that all the steps below are followed appropriately.

2.    Remove the phone from water immediately - Water can seep into the phone very quickly, regardless of any plastic covers or cases, in under 20 seconds. After removing from the water, remember: don’t try to turn it on right away.

3.    Take the Battery Out – It’s important for consumers to know how to remove the battery BEFORE something like this happens to ensure speed in the event of water damage. Removing the battery keeps the water mixing with the electrical component of the phone. This step is essential.

4.    Dry off the phone – Make sure that all water is wiped off to keep any additional water from getting inside the device. Don’t shake the phone. This will just move water to the inside of the phone.

5.    Use a vacuum – Once you remove all the liquid off the exterior of the phone, next it’s time to suck the liquid out of interior as much as possible. It’s recommended to do this for 20 at least minutes, focusing on crevices and holes. Remember; do not attempt to turn the phone on yet.

6.    Dry it out – Once the vacuum stage is finished, it’s time to leave the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least 8 hours. Be sure to rotate the position every hour or so to ensure equal distribution. The rice will absorb any remaining water.

7.    Place on absorbent material – Remove the phone from the rice and place it on a paper towel or napkin. This will release any moisture or humidity that may have become trapped.

8.    It’s time to test – After completing the steps above (ideally after 24 hours) and the phone looks dry, it’s time to reattach the battery and turn it on. If the phone doesn’t come on, try plugging it in. If it turns on after this, it means that the phone needs a new battery.

If the phone still doesn’t work, then it may be time to say goodbye to the device. Water damage happens to the best of us. Consumers should look at Protect Your Bubble’s smartphone insurance. The comprehensive policy covers loss, theft, accidents, and damage (including liquid damage). Visit for a quick quote today.

About Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is a specialty insurance brand, offering insurance for gadgets, pets and travel - all for today’s modern consumer.

  •     Gadget - Smartphone and tablet insurance covers loss, theft and water damage and consumers will receive a replacement device in 24 hours. Home gadget warranties provide coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage for laptops, game consoles and cameras as well as mechanical breakdown for appliances, televisions, desktop computers, home theater systems and more.
  •     Travel - Plans provide a variety of coverage for single and multi-trip options including cancellation, interruption, medical/dental, baggage, rental car and much more like 24/7 emergency services including, consult a doctor, roadside assistance, restaurant reservations and even set up tee times through their concierge services.
  •     Pet - Plans provide up to 90 percent reimbursement for covered vet charges for eligible accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions and behavioral treatments and alternative therapies. They allow owners to visit any licensed vet in the country. Additionally, annual deductible options start at $100 which only need to be met once per plan year.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Protect Your Bubble is available online, via mobile app or phone, allowing consumers to understand, buy and, most importantly, protect what enriches their lives. Find Protect Your Bubble USA on Facebook or Twitter (@PYBUSA) or visit for more information or to get a two-minute quote today.


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