Third Party Presidential Candidates Face Big Hurdles: the Media, the Debates, Getting on the Ballots, and Surpassing the 5% Threshold

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Success Council, a group teaching how to make money during an economic crisis, recently released a three-part video series featuring the Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, Judge Jim Gray. Judge Gray discusses the major hurdles for Third Party Presidential candidates: the media, debates, ballots, and surpassing the 5% threshold for federal funding.

Success Council, a libertarian advocate teaching how to profit and prosper during an economic collapse, just released a three-part video series featuring the Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, Judge Jim Gray, who explains how the Libertarian Party (and other third parties) face unfair hurdles in the election process.

According to Judge Gray, these hurdles include exclusion from the mainstream media and national televised debates. Without the exposure from the media and debates, third parties also face hurdles getting on the ballots and getting more than five percent of the vote.

In the first video, Judge Gray explains how the media has chosen sides. Fox News supports the Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. CNN supports the Democrat incumbent, President Barack Obama. No major media outlet supports the Libertarian party. Except, of course, for many online commentators, like Success Council.

Judge Gray points out that the mainstream media is not neutral, by telling a story of how Jesse Ventura, the former wrester and Governor of Minnesota, publicly endorsed Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate live on-air. However, when it was published online, CNN edited out that portion.

The second video, about the debates, discusses how the Democrats and Republicans work together to keep third parties out of the debate. Judge Gray said, “its brilliant for [the Democrats and Republicans], but the American people are losing.”

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, will be on the ballot in a minimum of 47 states, and likely 49 states. But even that battle was hard-won, according to Judge Gray. In the third video, Judge Gray explains how the Libertarians got on the ballots across the United States, despite the Republicans trying to stop them.

According to the New York Times, the Republican Party filed lawsuits in nearly every state across the United States to keep Gary Johnson off the ballot. Judge Gray also explains why you should vote for him and Gary Johnson: “If we just get 5% … it will be the beginning of the end of the two party system.”

If the Libertarians can get over five percent of the popular vote, they will be entitled to matching federal funds (about $90 million) from the Federal Government, passing the threshold under the Federal Election Campaign Act.

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