Effortless Swimming’s Head Coach Brenton Ford Reveals the Main Reasons Swimmers Have a Bad Session

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In the latest video offering from Effortless Swimming, Head Coach Brenton Ford explains that one of the main reasons swimmers have a bad training session, besides sickness and fatigue, is due to inflexibility.

Usually the better you are as a swimmer, the more drills and more techniques focus your training program is.

As all athletes and coaches know, not every training session goes to plan.

“Inflexibility means swimmers can't put themselves in the right position to perform the right technique because their muscles won’t allow them to access that position,” explains Brenton.

Although many swimmers stretch before practice to increase performance, minimize injuries, and facilitate recovery, it’s even more important to stretch afterwards.

Recent research by professors at Sydney University has suggested that stretching after exercise does not help with muscle soreness from training, but it does help with increased flexibility and range of motion, allowing you to get more out of each stroke.

“A little bit of stretching will go a long way to improve your training times and get you swimming better in training. It also allows your body to prepare for your next session,” says Brenton.

As well as stretching, Brenton touches on the effectiveness of Fingertip Drag Freestyle, a drill used in the Mastering Freestyle Program to fix freestyle hand entry and trunk rotation.

“Usually the better you are as a swimmer, the more drills and more techniques focus your training program is,” explains Brenton. “The reason we do drills is for two reasons: the first one is efficiency. It will help you move through the water with less effort, creating less drag and less resistance. And the second one, is it will help with your timing and propulsion. This is why a lot of the programs that we offer are so drill focused.”

The news podcast finishes up with tips to make the most out of each training session, and a brief overview of a three-month training program Brenton will be doing with his open water squad in Melbourne, Australia.

The podcasts are a weekly feature on the Effortless Swimming homepage. To access more videos and receive your weekly newsletter, visit http://www.effortlessswimming.com.

Effortless Swimming is an online swimming improvement and development program created by National swimmer and Coach Brenton Ford. The program is dedicated to the thought that swimmers of all levels can find a more effective way to increase their speed and endurance through improving technique. Effortless Swimming offers specific workouts, unique strength training and online support to help swimmers advance their individual swimming times.

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