GMAC Mortgage Continues to Foreclose with “Robo - Signed Documents”

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Obama v Romney “Who can Stop the Foreclosure Abuse?”

What Does It Take to Stop Robo-Signing!

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Despite all of the government action taken against GMAC Mortgage for "Robo-Signing",GMAC forges on with apparently no fear or repercussion for Robo-Signed Documents.

GMAC & Their Attorneys Notified of “Robo-Signed” Docs Still Being Used in 2012

In a foreclosure case filed by GMAC Mortgage (Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Case #2009-25338 ) GMAC was notified by the defendant, Mr. Taggart, several times that they were using fraudulent, “Robo-Signed” documents that were not even notarized in a foreclosure action against him. GMAC Mortgage continues to proceed with this foreclosure even with the knowledge of the “Robo – Signed” documents being used in the case. Mr. Taggart notified GMAC Mortgage of the Robo-Signed and Fraudulent documents as early as March 2012 and went completely ignored. Furthermore, counsel for GMAC Mortgage was notified from March 2012 – May 2012 of the “Robo - Signed” and Fraudulent Documents, but they simply refused to withdraw the case.

The Law Firm of Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg, one of the largest “Foreclosure Mills” in
the Philadelphia region, The Law Firm of Fleischer, Fleischer, & Suglia LLP, and The law firm of
Reed - Smith, LLP were all notified of the “Fraudulent” & “Robo- Signed” Documents, but
refused to withdraw the case. Counter-Claims and defenses in the case by the defendant
include, among other things, allegations of mortgage servicing Fraud and abuses by GMAC
Mortgage including, escrow account abuse, and illegally placed “Forced Placed Insurance”.

Robo-Signing Made Public

It has been nearly two years since “Jeffrey Stephan”’, an employee at GMAC Mortgage,
admitted to “Robo Signing” tens of thousands of mortgage foreclosure documents. GMAC
Mortgage continues to pursue foreclosures with admitted “Robo –Signed Documets” by Jeffrey
Stephan of GMAC Mortgage. Jeffrey Stephan, an employee of GMAC Mortgage, admitted in at
least 2 depositions in 2010 that he, among other things, never completely reviewed documents,
or even reviewed documents at all when he signed his name to tens of thousands of
foreclosure documents. Jeffrey Stephan is still believed to be employed with GMAC at the
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania office of GMAC Mortgage and his documents are still being used in foreclosure actions by GMAC Mortgage.

GMAC Mortgage Bankruptcy

Most people are not aware that GMAC Mortgage, LLC, as part of Residential Capital, has
filed for bankruptcy protection and reorganization under Chapter 11, of the Federal Bankruptcy
Code. On May 14, 2012 Residential Capital LLC, and its affiliated entities including, GMAC
Mortgage, filed for Bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of The Federal Bankruptcy Code in United
States Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York. GMAC Mortgage, Residential
Capital, and its affiliates are seeking bankruptcy protection to limit its liability from claims
stemming from predatory lending, abusive lending and abusive servicing practices so that they
can pay back loans that the U.S. Government made to them during the financial meltdown. The
government also owns an estimated 70% of stock in GMAC Mortgage/Residential Capital.

Obama v Romney “Who can Stop the Foreclosure Abuse?”

The question remains: "Can the current president stop the abuse?" or "Can Romney stop the abuse?" The lending abuse must stop to restore faith in the Financial Industry , The Courts and U.S. Legal System.


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