Apprope Announces the Release of its Slender Man Inspired Horror Survival Game SLENDR for iPhone Just in Time for Halloween

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SLENDR is a new horror game for iPhone, inspired by one of the most terrifying legend of all time: the Slender Man myth. Through its unique design and gameplay, SLENDR takes a new approach to “virtual reality”. A player’s every movement affects what appears on the screen, which creates the illusion of actually being hunted by the deadly ghost.

With a scheduled release just before Halloween, Swedish developer Apprope has designed a game that will literally keep game players’ hearts racing. SLENDR players must get out of their seats and run from a tall, faceless ghost that hunts and kills people wandering the woods. Along the way, they must collect evidence about the myth as well as useful survival gear.

Through its unique gameplay, SLENDR takes a new approach to “virtual reality”. A player’s every movement affects what appears on the screen, which creates the illusion of actually being in the forest.

“It’s an entirely new way of playing. You have to move in real life in order to escape the ghost. You will feel as if the ghost is actually hunting you,” say the developers.

As they run through the dark woods, players must avoid a tall, faceless ghost. Without the use of a special night camera, nothing can be seen. It’s necessary to collect loose recordings, or evidence of the myth, and extra batteries to keep the camera working. Once the ghost sees the player, it’s over.

The game is free to download and comes with 100 battery cells. Each time a player dies, ten cells are consumed. More battery can be purchased in AppStore. Even after using up all their power, players can still use the game, but they will have limited vision.

There are also several extra features that can be purchased for SLENDR. Players can find useful extras like ghost detectors, photo albums with never-before-shown images of the ghost, and night vision. For the lazy players, there is a “Couch Potato” mode that allows them to stay seated and tap the screen to change directions.

There is also a “20 Dollarz” mode that requires players to collect twenty-dollar bills. It is meant to be a funny spin on the game. “Everyone who is familiar with the myth will get that reference," say the developers.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Slender Man myth, its popularity took off on the Something Awful Forum, where users were asked to photoshop pictures to create authentic-looking paranormal images. One creature that began to appear on the photos were a tall, faceless man following children - The Slender Man. The trend caught on. Over the course of two years, hundreds of photos, stories, fake newspaper articles, and testimonials of Slender Man were posted on the thread, which still continues. There have also been several fake documentaries and "evidence" video clips uploaded to YouTube. On top of that, fans have followed web series, blogs, and video games. Discussions have shown up all over the internet, including Buzzfeed, Unfiction, Reddit, and Twitter.

Part of the myth is told in context of 16th century German folklore of Der Gross Man, or “The Great Man.” This is yet another detail that has come together through the Something Awful forum. This made-up story of mysterious disappearances and ghost sightings has captured thousands of fans and spiraled into a modern myth phenomenon.

As the game developers say: “Players will get swept up in the scary myth. Our game brings it to life for players to experience first hand.”

SLENDR is available for the iPhone and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store right now:

Download the SLENDR Press kit:

Watch the trailer:


Notes to Editors:
SLENDR is the latest app from, the home of fun free apps from Sweden. SLENDR and their other apps are available in the iTunes & Google Play stores for immediate download for any compatible device. For more information on SLENDR or any other Apprope apps please contact: daniel(at)apprope(dot)com
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