Fire Fighter Creates App to Save Lives

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The Extraction Zones App is an Essential Tool For Emergency And Medical Teams – Using This App Means Safety First.

The result is Extraction Zones, an app for iPhone, iPad and Android. It offers structural layouts of popular cars. Included are the locations of hot spots such as seatbelt pretensioners, airbags and electrical systems, so users know exactly where -- and wh

The Extraction Zones app is a mobile application that can be downloaded to virtually any phone or tablet. The application provides firefighters and rescue teams with easy to read renderings of the structural supports, airbags and power and propulsion systems of popular vehicles. This information allows first responders to quickly determine the fastest, and safest, route for extracting passengers.

In order to extract a passenger from the vehicle, it’s vital that the Emergency Medical Team avoid setting off the airbag system or cut into an electrical system. However, as car manufacturers continue to add new systems and accessories to their product, emergency technicians, firefighters, police officers, and other personnel are facing new challenges.

With the Extraction Zones app, first responders have the database they need to save lives and protect themselves. Extraction Zones provides firefighters and rescue teams with renderings of the operating systems, structural supports, airbag locations, and other information for popular vehicles. This data can be used to quickly, and safely, extract passengers from vehicles that have been involved in accidents.

When cutting people out of car wreckage, speed is of the essence, however, new vehicles have hidden airbags, toxic batteries and high-voltage cables running through them, making it a process riddled with obstacles. For fire-fighters and rescuers, a misplaced cut could mean a deadly surprise.

Las Vegas fire-fighter and paramedic Adam Weiss was becoming concerned about the increasing risks of this lifesaving procedure, so he looked up Texas-based design firm Bohemian Innovation. Together, he thought, they could innovate their way out of the problem.

The result is Extraction Zones, an app for iPhone, iPad and Android. It offers structural layouts of popular cars. Included are the locations of hot spots such as seatbelt pretensioners, airbags and electrical systems, so users know exactly where -- and where not -- to make the crucial incisions.

Using manufacturers' schematics, the team created clear, colour-coded graphics of each car, highlighting individual models. The app has been downloaded by over 7,000 firefighters around the world.

Time is crucial in emergency situations, so the team eliminated the app's splash page and created a simple three-step menu. Extraction Zones is aimed at the pros but it never hurts to be prepared and you thought your grocery-shopping app was a lifesaver!

“Even if the Jaws of Life is not used, we still have to disconnect the batteries to get people out of the car safely”, said Adam Weiss, co-founder of Extraction Zones, ex- firefighter and paramedic. “After every single accident, no matter how minor, the vehicle must be secure. Traffic accidents are the second most common call after emergency medical responses, more than fires. On average 80% of calls are medically related – which includes traffic accidents and emergency medical responses. 115 people die in traffic accidents everyday in the United States and over 6 million traffic accidents per year”, Weiss states.

The extrication tools used by first responders are extremely powerful and essential to saving the lives of car collision victims. The situations that these men and women find themselves in, is next to impossible for an average person to comprehend.

The Extraction Zones app provides location information for airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, electric and propulsion systems, as well as structural reinforcements for many of the most popular cars on the road as well as most hybrid vehicles. Users can view this information all at once or only view pertinent information by hiding components as needed. Extraction Zones also provides an alternative night mode for darker surroundings.

The application has been featured in Wired Magazine UK,, and most recently the September 2011 issue of Fire Safety Magazine. Extraction Zones will be distributed through the iTunes application and Google Play. It will be designed to work on more than 40 different phones operating on the Android system and the iPhone.

Extraction Zones’ aim is to provide an application designed to help firefighters and first responders extract passengers from vehicles involved in accidents. Speeding up this extraction time will save lives, and allow emergency personnel to perform their job to the best of their abilities.

Extraction Zones’ mission is to provide emergency technicians, firefighters, police, and other first responders with crucial vehicle information that allows them to quickly bypass various systems and accessories so they can quickly, and safely, remove passengers trapped in automobiles. You can watch this great video to learn more about the Extraction Zones app.

Extraction Zones is owned and operated by Michael Forte and Adam Weiss.
Michael Forte has been a serial entrepreneur for more than a decade and has solid experience in technology licensing, sales, creative and business development. Michael Forte has been involved with technology licensing, sales, and create and business development for more than a decade. He is co-founder and CEO of App Hive, which has already brought applications to market. As the co-founder and CEO of Extraction Zones Michael brings business acumen, intuition, and experience.

Adam Weiss brings real world experience to Extraction Zones, based on his work as a firefighter and paramedic for the past decade. He has specialized in vehicle extraction and emergency medical services. Adam Weiss’ education and experience has been earned on the front lines of vehicle extrication and emergency medical service. For more than a decade, Adam has risked his life to save the lives of others. As the co-founder of Extraction Zones, he will continue to use his knowledge and contacts to add value and depth to the company.

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