New Integrated IVF at Zita West assisted fertility (ZWAF) is the winning formula for successful pregnancy.

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Zita West Clinic First Year Results

New Integrated IVF at Zita West assisted fertility (ZWAF) is the winning formula for successful pregnancy.

Our first year results:
New figures released by the Zita West Assisted Fertility Clinic reveal that a different approach to IVF greatly improves the chance of pregnancy. The first 13 clients have now delivered their babies despite having had 60 failed IVF cycles between them at other clinics.

Our statistics:
During October 2011 to August 2012 we carried out 155 embryo transfers. We achieved a positive pregnancy rate of 61% for women under 38 years of age, 46.4% for women aged 38 to 39 and 28.8% for women aged 40 to 44. All of the results are per fresh embryo transfer.

How we achieved them:
The ZWAF Team attributes the success to fostering a caring environment which considers clients individually. “Women want a calm, relaxing, non-medical environment - not a conveyor belt system,” says Zita. “Our clinic takes an individual tailored approach looking at the whole picture. We look at five key areas – medical, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and the relationship with their partner. Preparation is the key and we use therapies such as hypnotherapy and acupuncture alongside other mind-body therapies.”
The Clinic also has top medical director George Ndukwe, who has pioneered approaches for implantation failure and reproductive immunology.

“I have always believed in holistic approach to IVF and have been a huge advocate of the Zita West approach,” explains George. “Having the opportunity to join forces is very exciting. We have perfected the art and science of IVF and it is more than just getting the sperm and eggs together. Preparation is the key to successful IVF. Looking and testing for nutritional status, (we are the only clinic in the UK, to offer a Nutritional and lifestyle assessment as part of our ivf package)as well as addressing mind-set and stress reduction are key factors. "

ZWAF Top Ten Tips for successful IVF
1.    Does the couple really need IVF? We look at whether they really do and offer holistic alternatives if needed.

2.    Preparation - The lead up to the cycle is vital and couples need to look at five areas: medical tests and investigations, nutritional and lifestyle assessment, mental and emotional wellbeing, relationships, and stress management techniques. We offer all of these under one roof.

3.    An individual approach - Attention to detail on every level. Ours is not ‘one blanket fits all’ policy.

4.    Mind set – This is really key getting women to feel positive and prepared mentally. This is addressed at the clinic through hypnotherapy and counseling sessions.

5.    Nutrition and lifestyle assessment - We offer this to all our clients as part of our package, ensuring that they are in optimum health prior to embarking. We look at micronutrient status, vitamin D and essential fatty acids.

6.    Male factor fertility - This is often overlooked at clinics, but we know it can be crucial.

7.    Relationship - The dynamic of a relationship has an important factor in fertility. Helping the couple to cope through what is often a stressful time,

8.    Relaxation - We offer relaxation therapies and stress reduction techniques, as well as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and counseling.

9.    Supplementation - We know that eggs and sperm are damaged by lifestyle factors creating free radical damage. We offer supplementation with antioxidants, and Omega three can improve this to produce healthier sperm and eggs.

10.    Implantation failure and Immune factors - In the first year many of our couples have had up to 10 failures due to immune issues. Three or more miscarriages, three failed IVF attempts with good embryos, or a family history of immune issues; thyroid or endometriosis can all be reasons for implantation failure. We combine this with a holistic immune program.

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