The Infrex Plus High Frequency Interferential Machine Brings The Pain Clinic To The House

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The new Infrex Plus Portable high frequency pain machine can be used at home, office or while traveling. The chronic pain patient does not have to go to clinics, Dr.'s office, P.T. or chiropractic for pain relieving treatments. Do at home as needed as often as necessary to stop chronic pain.

Infrex Plus Portable Interferential Machine

"High frequency interferential therapy.."

Patients suffering from chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and neuropathy are going back and forth to physical therapists, chiropractors, pain doctors for 12 - 20 minute high frequency interferential therapy. Often the patient is in pain between sessions and has to endure the pain for lack of the electrotherapy equipment to treat. Rather than prevent pain, it's often prolong pain which is counter productive.

    The treatment sessions in the clinic are only 12- 20 minutes 2-3x weekly at most. Often the time to get to the clinic, wait for treatment is much longer than the treatments themselves. The body can be taught to stop the chronic pain message if the treatments are done prior to onset of pain, not after starting.

    Today with the new Infrex Plus high frequency interferential therapy machine the patient can treat at home or work, 2 - 3x daily to prevent pain and teach the brain to stop the chronic pain message. Self treatment, as needed with high frequency interferential, is the key to stopping chronic pain. The body learns with each treatment to not allow the production of the pain stimulus. The same therapy that has been used successfully in the clinic for over 60 years can now be done by the patient saving time and money.

By the patient being able to self treat the experience of carryover pain relief is extended to the point only 1 or 2 treatments per month may be needed. A free trial, with a physician's order, is offered by MedFaxx for patients to try the Infrex Plus. In most situations, with a prescription, the Infrex Plus is covered by insurance.

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