Art Robbins Instruments Launches New Assay Prep System for Drug Discovery -- Non-Contact Dispenser Sets a New Benchmark for Flexible, Low-Volume Assay Assembly

Art Robbins Instruments' new Cobra 148 line of liquid handling systems enable users to rapidly and accurately assemble assays, aspirating and dispensing as little as 300 nanoliters in 96 through 1536 well microplates, virtually eliminating dead volumes and preserving precious reagents. Users have complete control over dispense volume in each well, enabling complex concentration gradients.

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We’ve now applied our years of experience in developing non-contact dispensers for protein crystallography applications to assay development and screening.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

Art Robbins Instruments (ARI) today announced the launch of their Cobra 148 non-contact dispensers. These affordably-priced liquid handling systems were designed for use in a wide range of drug discovery applications and enable low-volume, non-contact reagent dispensing for assay assembly and plate preparation.

Rapid, reliable assembly of assay reagents is critical for biochemical and cell-based assay development, especially when low-volume assays are required. The Cobra 148 systems finally provide assay developers with the freedom and flexibility to design assays using precious or costly reagents and cells without constraint, dispensing them at low volumes in a microplate format. Scientists have complete control over the volume dispensed, and can set individual well dispense volumes to as low as 300 nanoliters, enabling complex concentration gradients and even sparse-matrix assay development strategies. Researchers in drug discovery and other areas that require a large number of data points per assay are now also able to dispense a broad range of volumes of up to four reagents into 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates. With an option for on-the-fly dispensing, 300 nanoliters can be dispensed into an entire 384 well microplate in 14 seconds. Twenty-five microliters require only 39 seconds. Aspiration and dispensing from microplates is a standard feature in the 1 and 4 channel models, virtually eliminating dead volumes and preserving precious reagents. A dedicated 8-channel bulk dispensing system is available for very high throughput applications.

“Assembling microplate-based assays is a fundamental part of drug discovery and life science research, the instrumentation has to be fast, robust and fit seamlessly into user’s workflows” commented Art Robbins, founder of ARI. “We’ve applied our years of experience in developing non-contact dispensers for protein crystallography applications to the Cobra 148 systems so that researchers can take advantage of the same speed and reliability for their assay development and screening applications.”

About Art Robbins Instruments

Art Robbins Instruments (ARI), a privately held company, was founded in 2003 by a team with over 75 years of experience in developing life science products including the industry-standard Hydra(1) 96 and 384 dispensers. The Company is dedicated to developing and providing instruments and consumables that enable automated, flexible liquid handling for drug discovery, protein crystallography, and tissue typing applications. ARI Gryphon, Intelli-Plate® and Crystal Phoenix platforms are used by more than 300 laboratories worldwide. ARI is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with distributors around the world. For more information, visit

(1) Hydra is a registered trademarks of Matrix Technologies Corp., which is not affiliated with Art Robbins Instruments, LLC


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