Where Do You Want to Be for the End of the World? International Tour Leader Halle Eavelyn Says She’s Going to Egypt

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Where should one be when the world comes to an end? While not everyone buys into the theory that ancient civilizations could predict the end of the world, those who do believe the "sky is falling" need to start making plans. Halle Eavelyn, co-founder of Spirit Quest Tours, will be leading a group of travelers through Egypt. Why Egypt? It's a place where the pyramids have stood for thousands of years and where history is still alive. Adventure seekers can still sign up to join Eavelyn for The Dawning of Egypt Tour 2012.

The Mayan people have sued the Guatamalan government over profiteering and misinterpretation of their culture.

December 21, 2012 is the day the ancient Mayans and several other indigenous cultures supposedly predicted the end of the world. But Halle Eavelyn, co-founder of Spirit Quest Tours, doesn’t believe in this interpretation. In fact, she’s planning to lead a group of fearless travelers into Egypt in December. In a recent blog post, she explained her theory that, while the world may be coming to an end “as we know it,” it probably is not coming to a crashing halt.

“If anything actually happens, it will be more of an internal shift in our consciousness and less cataclysmic earthquakes, brimstone and such,” Eavelyn hypothesizes, noting that it’s been a long time since anyone was around for this kind of cosmic shift in planetary alignments.

On both 12/12/12 and 12/21/12, dates that are of “concern” to those predicting the “end of the world,” Eavelyn will be in Egypt, sailing down the Nile with a group of intrepid travelers. “Egypt is a place where the Great Pyramid has stood for at least the last six millennia, where ancient Pharaohs to modern farmers all could sense something striking and beautiful in the land, a peculiar rhythm that thrums under everything like a heartbeat. I feel lighter in Egypt, more grounded and ready to take on any new challenge, even the end of the world as we know it,” Eavelyn says.

Eavelyn notes that the Gregorian calendar, which we follow today, is both imprecise and a relatively recent institution, and that experts say it’s probably only accurate to within fifty years. As a result, she predicts that even if something were to happen, it wouldn’t be on 12/21/12. The Mayan people, whose calendar comes to an end on that date, sued the government of Guatemala last week over misinterpretations of their culture and the profiteering resulting from these supposed prophecies.

In Egypt, however, profits are down to nothing. The aftermath of the recent revolution has emptied the country of the millions of American and many European tourists who usually visit. Rather than fear, Eavelyn is excited to be going at a time when her group will have all the wonderful ancient sites practically to themselves.

“We’re taking a private cruise ship, the Afandina, for eight nights of sailing. We’re going to be visiting the Valley of the Kings, the famous temples of Luxor and Philae, and we’ll have the chance to do our spiritual ceremonies uninterrupted by camera shutters and guides droning in myriad languages to their groups. We will have the Nile to ourselves, our views of its timeless banks unobstructed by the cruise ships that normally fly past us on their way to keep their busy schedules,” Eavelyn says.

Over the last ten years, Eavelyn has visited Egypt fifteen times. She documented many of her experiences in her book, Red Goddess Rising, which follows her transformation from casual atheist to deeply spiritual being.

“Egypt changed me, and it calls me back often. While we’re on our luxury cruiser with private chef and beautifully appointed staterooms, I think we’ll be discussing how lucky we are and how silly the world has become. Then we will get off our ship to experience yet another of the world’s most incredible sacred sites,” she says.

For more information about The Dawning: Egypt 2012 tour, visit http://www.spiritquesttours.com

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