Former Reagan Sub Cabinet Official, Carlos C. Campbell, Endorses President Obama

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Reagan Sub-Cabinet Official endorses President Obama for a second term and chastises former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu for injecting ethnicity into the endorsement by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Reagan Sub-Cabinet official Endorses President Obama for Second Term and chastises former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu for injecting Ethnicity into the Endorsement by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The Honorable Carlos C. Campbell, formerly Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development with the US Department of Commerce endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term. “President Obama has led the ship of state through a tumultuous storm, in spite of resistance by a Republican Congress obsessed with the politics of obstruction. I trust President Obama to lead America going forward. This is an issue based endorsement based on my experience in the military, government and business.”

Campbell responded to Governor John Sununu’s suggesting that Secretary Colin Powell’s endorsement of President Obama was based on ethnicity. “When a man of Governor Sununu’s brilliance injects ethnicity into the Powell endorsement, it only underscores the desperation and moral bankruptcy of the Romney Campaign. Being a Republican is not a safe harbor from bigotry and with comments from the likes of the scholarly Sununu, it underscores the convention that there is no salvation in affiliation. Secretary Powell is on solid ground in exercising his independence. To his credit, he is not and never has been a domesticated Negro. As citizens, we have a mission to accomplish. We must not become distracted by the ugly snake of racism and lose sight of the assault from the Republican Right on democracy through deception, hundreds of millions of dollars in negative advertising, efforts to obstruct voting rights, demagoguery, fear mongering, disrespecting the rights of women and the rising trend of neo-fascism in America. Now is the time to focus.”

Fifty years ago, Campbell was strapped in a Navy reconnaissance aircraft flying patrols along the periphery of the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was under    DEFCON 2 when the US and the Soviet Union was on the brink of a nuclear war. The diplomatic resolution of this crisis gave Campbell, a Naval Aviator at the time, a unique appreciation for the power of the presidency unlike anything in his lifetime.

Secretary Campbell opined: “President Obama has exercised “reason and judgment” that Roman historian Tacitus (56-117 AD) said were the essential qualities of a leader.”

“I respect and applaud President Obama’s leadership as the Commander-in Chief. He kept his word about ending the war in Iraq. He is keeping his word about winding down the war in Afghanistan. President Obama has led from the Oval Office. He has led from Air Force One. He has led from the podium at the United Nations. The world is a safer place because of his strong and effective leadership.”

“President Obama has my trust to continue to lead America and the world. The First Lady has my respect, and gratitude for her work with returning warriors and veterans.”

Campbell, who worked for HUD Secretary George Romney from May 1969 through October 1972, said: “Governor Mitt Romney lacks his father’s candor, courage, and character. Tragically, Mitt Romney appears to be a front for the Neo-Cons, as if he were both a Perfidious Puppet and an Officious Oligarch.”

In 2011 Campbell was elected to the Directorship 100 (The 100 most influential corporate directors in America) by the National Association of Corporate Directors. He stated: “The economy is in recovery. Notwithstanding the deficit and debt challenges, the recovery will increase when Congress stops their obstructive ways and the Romney team stops their deceptive and ludicrous promises. Now is the time for Americans of civility, compassion, courage and good will to keep our ‘Eyes on the Prize.’

Mr. Campbell, a native of Harlem, New York, has lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1965. He is a businessman, filmmaker, author and serves on public company boards.

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