Equity Trust Company: No Complaints as 401(k) Ownership Rises

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A new study shows that 401(k) enrollment is on the rise, as IRA enrollment is down; this study has drawn the attention of Equity Trust Company.

For those seeking investment vehicles, through which to plan for retirement, the options are numerous. In particular, many employers offer enrollment in either 401(k) or IRA programs. According to a recent study, however, one of these options is growing in popularity while the other is lagging behind. The study reveals that more American families, given retirement planning opportunities by their employers, are choosing to enroll in 401(k) programs, while the ownership of IRAs is on the decline. This study has won the attention of Equity Trust Company.

At Equity Trust Company, complaints about the retirement planning options provided by employers are common. According to Equity Trust Company, complaints like these stem from the restrictive options, with many employees dissatisfied with the investment opportunities provided by employers through both IRA and the 401(k) programs. The company has responded to the new study with a statement to the press, praising the employees who are taking initiative in planning for their financial futures, but also noting the ways in which employer-run 401(k) and IRA programs can sometimes fall short of truly satisfying investors.

“An increase in the number of Americans participating in employer-sponsored 401(k) plans shows that people continue to take seriously the idea of planning for their financial future,” affirms the new statement from Equity Trust Company. The statement then goes on to note that, in addition to considering the options made available by employers, individuals might also think about expanded self-directed retirement options. “In addition to employer-sponsored plans, self-directed IRAs have grown in popularity, because they allow people to invest in a full-range of assets beyond the market, such as real estate, tax liens, and gold. They allow people to take full control of retirement planning instead of leaving it to others.”

Equity Trust Company is the leading provider of self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s.

The company maintains that self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s can offer a fuller array of investment options. While a traditional, employer-sponsored retirement account will generally be confined to conventional investments, such as stocks and mutual funds, an investor in a self-directed IRA or 401(k) can diversify assets among real estate investments, foreign currencies, and more. According to Equity Trust Company, complaints about traditional employer provided retirement plans often center on a lack of investment options, but the company seeks to make available to investors more self-directed alternatives.


Equity Trust Company is the country’s foremost provider of self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s, with more than 130,000 clients in all 50 states and close to $11 billion dollars of retirement plan assets under administration. The company believes in self-directed retirement accounts as ideal vehicles for generating long-term wealth, as they allow investors the freedom to invest funds as they determine. At Equity Trust Company, complaints about restrictive traditional retirement programs are commonly heard, and the company responds to these complaints by providing information about the alternatives available through self-directed programs.

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