Dealing with Shopping Season Road Rage

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It’s finally here, the time to buy gifts for family members and fight for that coveted front parking spot at Best Buy. Comedy Driving, a defensive driving course in Texas, knows the holiday season is definitely about giving but few people tend to be that way in parking lots in the middle of shopping season. Many people instead are all about taking spots from other drivers in order to get into the department store quicker. This interaction can have costly results because of road rage.

Many drivers think of road rage as a something that only occurs on the roadway but motorists often carry their short-tempers onto parking lots and engage in competition over the best parking spot. Winning a parking spot does not always mean a motorist’s vehicle is safe from harm. Some disgruntled drivers may have been gunning for that same spot and may take out their frustration by vandalizing the vehicle while they pass.

Based on the experiences of Comedy Driving defensive driving school, students have mentioned parking spot rage situations where they have keyed vehicles, broken taillights, and even removed windshield wiper blades. These are just a few of the stories that Comedy Driving defensive driving instructors hear everyday from their students.
Here are a couple of tips to repel and avoid any road rage mishaps this holiday season. The first step is to realize that no spot is indeed “your spot.” It doesn’t matter who sees an empty space first or who gets there first. It is just about courtesy, judgment, and common sense. If someone is there waiting beforehand signaling their intentions, it is best to move on to the next spot. If there is an open parking slot do not break the sound barrier speeding to a front row spot just to beat everyone else. By speeding in parking lots motorists endanger pedestrians, other vehicles, and themselves so it is better to keep to the recommended posted speed or less if needed to.

Some motorists believe they can drive aggressively for a parking spot because they believe private property traffic tickets cannot be given. That is a myth. In Texas, a motorist can be cited for a traffic violation as long as the private property has access to a public street, which nearly all parking lots do in Texas. Common tickets received on private property include: cutting through private property, not stopping at a designated point, and car accident related violations.

If a motorist drives aggressively and takes the desired parking spot it is better to let the situation go rather then confronting the other driver. Motorist confrontations can quickly escalate into violence and no parking spot is worth that.
Sometimes parking spot battles do not end once the spot is won either, so it is not a good idea for the motorist that won the spot to let their guard down. Many surprises could be in store for the driver when they return to their vehicle. If things get bad it may be beneficial to move to another parking spot in order to avoid costly damages due to vandalism.

A lot of this anger can easily be avoided by realizing that there are other parking spots available. It does not hurt a motorist much to walk a few extra feet into the department store, and sometimes letting someone have the parking spot can put a motorist in a good mood. The Holiday season is about giving and what could be friendlier then “giving the right of way” to another motorist. If this concept seems too difficult, motorists can always shop online to avoid all the parking lot hassles and frustrations.
This is information is brought to you by Comedy Driving, Inc. and Iron Property Insurance. Comedy Driving, Inc. has been in business for over 10 years and is an approved Texas defensive driving schools.

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