Card Scanning Solutions to Exhibit at The iPatientCare 2012 National User Conference in Chicago

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Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) will exhibit at the iPatientCare 2012 National User Conference (NUCON) which is being held from the 2nd-4th of November in Chicago, Illinois. The focus of this annual event is to discuss two prominent trends in the healthcare industry, namely; patient engagement and mobile health or mHealth. Attendees will also have access to state-of-the-art products and services from iPatientCare’s business partners such as the cutting- edge solutions from CSSN that contribute to the efficient and cost-effective workflow and superior patient handling in the medical field.

Card Scanning Solutions, CSSN Inc., a leading software company specializing in image processing solutions and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, will be demonstrating their MedicScan OCR software and hardware scanning solutions at the iPatientCare 2012 National User Conference (NUCON). This annual event will be held in Chicago, Illinois at the Hyatt Regency Hotel from the 2nd-4th of November. MedicScan® OCR has been integrated into iPatientCare EHR and Practice Management System in order to automate and speed up the process of transferring data and images from patient ID cards into digital format, thereby bringing the paperless office revolution to the front desk of any medical practice. CSSN’s MedicScan® solution for iPatientCare results in greater efficiency, limited human error, and reduced cost.

Founded in 1994, iPatientCare, Inc. or Medical Communication Systems, Inc. (MCS) is a privately held medical informatics company based in Woburn, Massachusetts and East Brunswick, New Jersey. The company is known for its innovations in the healthcare IT market space as well as its pioneering contribution to a mHealth and Cloud based unified product suite that includes Electronic Health/Medical Records and integrated Practice Management/Billing System, Patient Portal/PHR, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and mobile point-of-care solutions. iPatientCare is known as an ‘EHR focused product company’ offering the right product at the right time. They serve a wide range of practices including, solo, small/medium sized practices, doctors' offices, and hospital based ambulatory practices as well as long-term care such as nursing homes, rehab centers, home health agencies and also military health.

iPatientCare’s mission is to develop, apply, and market methods, technologies, products, and solutions that support patient-centric information architecture. Their goal is to create a streamlined collaborative workflow among the healthcare payers, providers, patients/sponsors, diagnostic facilities, and retail pharmacies. In this way, the quality of care is enhanced, patient safety is increased, administrative overheads are reduced, and the effectiveness and efficiencies of healthcare processes are increased. As the manufacturer and the intellectual property and trademark owner of the MedicScan® and ScanShell® product lines, CSSN Inc. has contributed to the iPatientCare mission and the process of patient registration. CSSN’s MedicScan® OCR software allows information from driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards to be extracted and for patient registration pages to be auto-populated with this vital information. By eliminating the need to photocopy patient ID cards or to manually capture the data, the patient registration process is streamlined and the patient experience is enhanced. With CSSN’s comprehensive OCR SDK (Software Developer Kit), iPatientCare users are able to easily incorporate this reading technology directly into their existing software application.
The core focus of the iPatientCare 2012 National User Conference is to discuss two prominent trends in the healthcare industry, namely; patient engagement and mobile health or mHealth. The benefit of the integration between iPatientCare and MedicScan® from CSSN is its ability to empower the front desk of any medical service which results in more meaningful and effective patient engagement. The front desk staff is able to quickly and accurately extract data from a patient’s medical card or ID card. The time that an employee would spend on photocopying, scanning and formatting patient information is eliminated and human error is reduced. Since the medical data can be extracted within a few seconds, employee productivity is also increased which translates in to return on investment. Delivering the best patient care is possible with CSSN and iPatientCare as the extracted customized patient database can then also be used to link patient demographics and medical records to insurance, billing, and claims data. In this way, a patient-centric information center is created with a streamlined collaborative workflow.

Along with the software CSSN offers an affordable and easy-to-use ScanShell® (800DX) scanner. Card data and images are quickly captured and the MedicScan® OCR then instantaneously takes over the process and exports and stores the vital data into the iPatientCare EHR and practice management system. The ScanShell® 800DX medical card scanner is a twain compatible, A6 color duplex scanner which offers users the ability to simultaneously capture both sides of a scanned document such as, ID cards, insurance cards and driver licenses. The scanner is lightweight and fully portable making this ID scanner a convenient solution for both desktop and mobile use. With up to 600 dpi scanning resolution, sharp and clear images are produced and since the ScanShell® 800DX scanner is equipped with high speed USB 2.0 standard interface, no external power supply is required.

By integrating iPatientCare technology with CSSN’s MedicScan® OCR software, iPatientCare users will have a competitive edge in the extraction, processing and storage of medical information and patient registration. The iPatientCare 2012 National User Conference in Chicago will give users the opportunity to learn more about the exciting and innovative solutions that both CSSN and iPatientCare have to offer which will aid the user in creating an environment that offers superior patient care and an efficient and cost effective workflow.

About iPatientCare

iPatientCare, Inc. is a pioneer in mHealth and Cloud based ambulatory EHR, integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal solutions. In July 2006, the iPatientCare EHR was among the first to be certified by CCHIT and it is currently CCHIT 2011 fully certified and ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified Complete EHR for Meaningful Use. The company has won numerous awards for its EHR technology and mobile applications and is recognized as an innovator in the field. iPatientCare was a pioneer in offering an EHR technology on a handheld device which was an innovative First Responder technology to the US Army for its Theatre Medical Information System as well the first to offer a Cloud based EHR product. iPatientCare is recognized as one of the best EHR and Integrated PM System for small and medium sized physicians’ offices and has been recognized as a preferred solution/MU partner by numerous Regional Extension Centers (REC), hospitals/health systems, and academies.

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About CSSN

Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) has been a leading developer of card reading and image processing technologies since 1999. They are renowned for developing an OCR engine that can read the driver licenses and ID’s from all 50 states and over 80 countries. CSSN Inc. offers valuable solutions that significantly increase productivity, save time and money and result in greater efficiency in a wide variety of industries including Medical, Financial, Hospitality, Security and more.

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