Farmington MI Dentist, Dr. Roman Shlafer, Expands His Use Of Modern Dental Tools To Achieve Occlusal Equilibration For Patients With Imbalanced Jaw And Teeth Contact

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Roman Shlafer, DDS, PLLC, educates patients on the importance of having the jaw and teeth meeting in the proper position. When they don't meet properly, this is called malocclusion and professional help is needed to fix the problem. A dentist with post graduate study in occlusion, Dr. Shlafer will evaluate and determine what method of treatment would be most beneficial so that the jaw can open and close with the teeth meeting properly. This type of an adjustment by a dental professional is called an Occlusal Equilibration, or a balancing of the bite.

Dr. Roman shlafer in his Detroit, MI office.

Dr. Roman Shlafer corrects teeth and jaw contact with Occlusal Equilibration.

Dr. Roman Shlafer focuses on an Occlusal Equilibration to help patients suffering from jaw and teeth misalignment. When a person's bite is not properly aligned, it can be difficult to chew many foods and the speech may also be impacted. There are many reasons that the teeth and jaws may not be meeting properly. For some people it is a natural occurrence, while for others it could be caused by dental work that has moved over time or by an accident that has caused trauma.

Visiting a dentist is a good way to have one's bite checked to see if there are any problems.

As teeth have restorations placed over the years they may not all be perfectly lined up. Teeth tend to move a little in the jawbone over time. As bridges or orthodontic retainer’s age, they may also move slightly or cause teeth to move. If a person has issues with grinding their teeth, that can also affect the bite, or occlusion. A dentist with occlusion training will check for wear on the teeth and a patient's bite during re-care visits. If it is noticed that the lower jaw does not naturally move to its proper place, patients show wear on their teeth, or complain of headaches, this is often an indication that the patient’s bite in not balanced or they are grinding their teeth.

Occlusal Equilibration is a process the dentist does involving a complete evaluation and impressions of the patient’s teeth to study the bite; this shows the dentist where the bite interference’s are. This functions as a “map” for the dentist to use during the adjustment appointments. A patient receiving this type of treatment will probably feel that the bite has changed. Many feel improvement immediately and find permanent relief with the new jaw position. Depending on the amount of movement that has occurred, the process could take just a few or even many different appointments.

Patients who have trouble eating or suffer from muscle pain should talk to Dr. Shlafer about the possibility of malocclusion and their treatment options. More information may be found at

Dr. Roman Shlafer is a general practitioner offering patients personalized dental care for Farmington, Michigan since 1986. Dr. Shlafer received his DDS from the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry, where he studied under top reconstructive and cosmetic dentists. He completed his graduate studies at the Center for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Shlafer is part of the American Dental Association and is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the most recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Dr. Shlafer and his dental services visit his website at and call (248) 918-4205.

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