Card Scanning Solutions Integrates with Recycling Center Management Software from Metal To Money, Advancing Capabilities and Efficiency in the Recycling Industry

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CSSN Inc. dba Card Scanning Solutions has integrated their idScan® OCR software with the Metal To Money Recycling Center Management software, the complete and affordable solution that addresses both hardware and software needs in the metal recycling industry. A core focus of both CSSN and Metal To Money is to offer cutting-edge solutions to achieve a successful business and to contribute to the efficiency, simplicity and accuracy of office and client management, resulting in maximum profitability

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I just wanted to say how much I like the “Metal To Money” program. Scanning the ID is so much faster than typing info. Once the customer has been entered, they are easily recognizable if they forget their ID. The tech support has been very responsive.

Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) has developed advanced image-processing systems which use their proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine to read and extract information from a wide variety of identification cards. On the basis of this technology, CSSN Inc. has contributed extensively to a wide range of industries including the recycling industry, and their scanning solutions have assisted recycling businesses globally in addressing regulatory compliance, managing vital client data and improving customer service. The integration of CSSN’s idScan® OCR software with the premier Recycling Center Management software from Metal to Money has resulted in an effective full turnkey system which enables metal buyers to be trading efficiently in no time.

Metal To Money has extensive experience in the metal recycling industry and their Recycling Center Management software is an affordable and easy-to-use solution. The latest Metal To Money Version 3.0 software addresses all the requirements for a successful metal trading system and its features include; the ability to have multiple purchase orders at once, complete seller history and inventory tracking, integrated camera system, the creation of shipping orders, automated check printing and more. Metal To Money also addresses hardware needs and their complete solution also includes vital hardware devices such as a finger print scanner, a license scanner that can decode cards from all 50 States, a digital signature pad and a receipt thermal printer. With the integration with CSSN’s idScan® OCR software, Metal To Money users now have access to a far superior and flexible metal recycling management solution.

The idScan® OCR software from CSSN scans driver's licenses and extracts the document's image and text data. idScan® OCR can truly extract text and read all 50 US states driver licenses. With CSSN’s comprehensive OCR SDK (Software Developer Kit), Metal To Money has been able to easily incorporate this reading technology directly into their existing software application. Users no longer need to photocopy a client’s driver’s license and so vital seller data is extracted and available within minutes. The Metal To Money software has an easy to use interface which allows users to navigate to any information about their business such as seller information, purchases, total spent and more. The Metal To Money Seller Search function enables a fast and easy way to search for a previous seller. From this screen, the user is also able to create a new purchase order, edit seller information, and view their history. With the integration of idScan® and Metal To Money software, staff no longer need to manually create or photocopy a sellers ID details and in this way, productivity is increased, human error is reduced and the archiving process is automated.

The recycling industry has expanded exponentially over the last few years and one of the major challenges of this industry is preventing the trade of stolen or illegal materials. Due to this, the federal government has begun requiring from all people selling material to register details in a database that links a photo and description of the material with the seller's personal information and thumbprint. idScan® is the perfect scanning solution that can help recycling businesses manage customers who are turning in materials for recycling and also to manage their client’s data and improve customer service. By being able to easily keep scanned electronic records of all customers, office organization is improved and tracking and auditing procedures are simplified. As a satisfied customer from Goshen, Ohio testified, “I just wanted to say how much I like the “Metal To Money” program. Scanning the ID is so much faster than typing info. Once the customer has been entered, they are easily recognizable if they forget their ID. The tech support has been very responsive. This program is simple to use”. With Metal To Money and idScan®, keeping compliant with local and state laws is possible and made easy.

The hardware options from CSSN include the ScanShell® 800R and the ScanShell® 3100D. The ScanShell® 800R is a portable OCR A6 card scanner which is the perfect scanning solution for a variety of media and ID cards including; business cards, bank checks, driver’s licenses, ID cards (image only) and photos. The scanner is attached to the computer’s USB port thereby requiring no external power supply. The ScanShell® 800R is TWAIN compatible and ROHS compliant making this the perfect solution for scanning, managing and saving the images of any documents. Its innovative compact design has a very small footprint which makes it ideal for both mobile and desktop use.

The ScanShell® 3100D A4 duplex scanner is a high-speed OCR unit which offers users the ability to simultaneously capture both sides of a scanned document such as, ID cards, insurance cards, medical cards and driver licenses. The scanner is also equipped with high speed USB 2.0 standard interface and therefore requires no external power supply. The ScanShell® 3100D scanner is lightweight and fully portable and it is TWAIN and WIA compatible. These easy-to-use scanners from CSSN work seamlessly with the Metal To Money software giving users access to an efficient scanning solution. Both hardware options from CSSN are compact and space-saving and they both deliver quick digital capture with zero warm-up time.
Recycling is an essential measure and with global warming and emissions reaching unprecedented levels, the recycling industry is expanding daily. Metal To Money understands metal recycling, and their ground breaking concept in affordable and simple Recycling Center Management software will meet all the user's needs for being a part of this growing industry. Together with CSSN’s idScan® OCR software solution, Metal To Money has a complete system which will have one trading in metal and operating an efficient, effective, compliant and competitive business.

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Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) is a leading developer of card reading and image processing technologies. They are renowned for developing an OCR engine that can read the driver licenses and ID’s from all 50 states and over 80 countries. Their high-level DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms are able to filter and clean tarnished images received from an ID scanner, which differentiates their technology from other OCR providers. CSSN Inc. offers valuable solutions that significantly increase productivity, save time and money and result in greater efficiency in a wide variety of industries including Medical, Financial, Recycling, Hospitality, Security and more.

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Metal To Money offers a complete solution for the metal recycling industry which includes an affordable and easy-to-use Recycling Center Management software as well as a variety of hardware products such as a license scanner, fingerprint scanner, digital signature pad and a receipt thermal printer. Within a few minutes of hands on training, the user and their staff will be buying metal in no time. The solution from Metal To Money also ensures the user is compliant with local and state laws. For an affordable cost, the complete system from Metal To Money also offers a wide range of features including; no more handwriting of purchase orders, no more photocopying of drivers licenses, the auto print of checks, the ability to track one's inventory and more. Metal To Money will create a custom quote based on the user's specific requirements and will provide them with an online demo of their premier solution.

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