Clear Conscience Pet's Top 3 Reasons for Whole Food Vitamins Instead of Manufactured Supplements

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Why should pets get their vitamin intake from whole foods like our SuperGravy Food Topper? Clear Conscience Pet gives some compelling information below.

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Treats, chews & supplements from Clear Conscience Pet contain whole food ingredients to preserve the needed bonds between vitamins, minerals and the body.

People live in a world where health quickly makes it to the top of priority lists. Not only should one be concerned about our personal health but also the health of our pets. Many studies have proven that whole & nutritionally dense foods better benefit the body than manufactured supplements. While there are a variety of reasons for this, let's concentrate on the most important ones and show how treating with Clear Conscience Pet can help to provide these whole food vitamins and minerals in products like SuperGravy.

1: Whole foods provide synergy among all of the vitamins and minerals in the food source.

Many have heard the expression "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" and nowhere is it more true than in whole food nutrition. A single plant can contain hundreds of valuable nutrients with each seeming to perform certain functions on their own, but when taken all together at once, well, that's where the magic happens.

2: Powerful phytonutrients have been shown to benefit overall health and protect against certain diseases.

"What exactly are phytonutrients?" one might be asking. Phyto is derived from the Greek word for plants, and phytonutrients come from fruits & vegetables instead of nutrients consumed through animal products. While not considered "essential" to life, they are essential to thrive. Vitamins like beta-carotene (vitamin A/retinol) and antioxidants such as polyphenols exist in the largest quantities in plants.

For example, a 100 calorie portion of sirloin steak contains just 24 IU of vitamin A whereas a 100 calorie portion of Romaine lettuce contains over 10,000 IU of vitamin A. This is a key reason for our proprietary OSV (Organic SuperVeggies) coating on Clear Conscience Pet's treats and inside the flagship product, SuperGravy. It is for pets not only to survive, but thrive!

3: The best nutrients are not manufactured by humans, but made in nature.

Human and pets' bodies were designed to take in nutrients from food. Nature provides vitamins in "complexes" whereas in a lab they are most often isolated forms of those vitamins. Nutrients found in plants may need certain proteins to activate a particular vitamin to give it's full benefit, and those aren't going to be found in isolated, synthesized compounds.

The vast majority of these man-made vitamin packages that are put into most pet foods, treats and supplements also come from overseas where manufacturing is far less expensive though quality can also suffer. In recent years a multitude of pets have had their lives shortened by ingredients that came from under-regulated labs producing nutrients cheaply to satisfy numbers on a page. Treats, chews & supplements from Clear Conscience Pet contain whole food ingredients to preserve the needed bonds between vitamins, minerals and the body, creating a synergistic snack that helps to keep pets healthy and living their life the way nature intended.

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