Husband Returned from Crack Addiction Thanks to Quick Response from Wife to Get Him Help

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Crack addiction nearly destroyed the Gibson family. Until one women decided she was going to do something about it by getting her husband help through Narconon.

Beverly Gibson knows what it’s like to struggle. Married to a 25-year-old crack cocaine addict who was facing 42 years in prison was one problem. Facing the possibility that she might have to raise two young boys without a father was another entirely different issue.

For years Beverly lost her partner, her husband, her best friend to crack cocaine. Phillip had tried 12 step treatments without success and was continually committing crimes to feed his addiction.

Beverly and her family were frantic looking for help and had to find something before it was too late. Phillip was on the verge of serving a very long prison sentence. The family came across a rehab program in Canadian, Oklahoma called Narconon Arrowhead. Within hours they arrived at the facility for a tour. Phillip ended up starting treatment.

The Crack Problem

Unlike the Gibson family, thousands struggle with daily addictions to crack cocaine who have not taken the necessary steps to seek treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 1 million people abuse crack cocaine every year. Studies have been published on the high connections between crime and deadly diseases like HIV that are connected with the use of the drug. What’s worse is that 10% of those that try the drug [even once] will become addicted.

Countless numbers of papers and studies have been published about the dangerous effects of the substance, crack overdose deaths, and the fact that it is a major contributor to homicides within the ‘dealing community’.

As a crack problem develops, it will sometimes go unnoticed but as it progresses there are some clear signs of abuse which include:

  •     Paranoia
  •     Jumpiness
  •     Increased Energy
  •     Confusion
  •     Sweating
  •     Dilated (enlarged) pupils.
  •     Clammy hands.
  •     Shakiness
  •     Agitation either during or after the high.
  •     Excessive talking or running around.
  •     Trouble completing tasks.
  •     Extreme financial issues.

Often, the individual will go on a “crack binge,” using the drug for days, not eating or sleeping and then crashing.

How To Get Help For A Crack Addiction

The Narconon Arrowhead program, that helped the Gibson family, has been in operation in the state of Oklahoma since the early 90’s. The facility has had several thousand graduates from their residential program and achieves an over 76% success rate for permanent sobriety from drugs.

In Phillip’s case, as in many who accrue legal issues because of drug abuse the facility sent a staff member to speak on the behalf of Phillip. He was able to complete 4 months of treatment and graduate from the facility’s residential program.

Now six years later, Phillip is still clean and sober. Beverly and the entire family are eternally grateful.

“While Phillip was at the Narconon of Oklahoma facility, he was given the tools to get his life back and to live it to the fullest. He was given the ability to be able to really confront anything and to really handle life, not just throw his hands up and give up. He learned how to be a healthy, solid, productive member of society and learned how to respect himself in a way that I had never seen before. He regained his self-confidence,” she says.

Today, Beverly has her husband back, and her two sons have their father. The impact of this addiction problem was enough to destroy an entire family. The Gibson’s warn other families to act quickly and get their loved one assistance if they think a crack problem or other drug abuse issue.

For more information on crack addiction, or to get help now through Narconon Arrowhead, call 800-468-6933.

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