Announces Beta Platform to Introduce Professional Grassroots Lobbying Tools to the Public

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Free platform disrupts the $17.2 billion advocacy marketplace by bringing the tools of modern grassroots advocacy campaigns to the actual grassroots

BlastRoots, Inc. today announces access to the beta platform of BlastRoots™ (, the first free online resource to marry the networking power of social media with the advanced advocacy tools of government affairs professionals.

This patent-pending technology enables anyone to create an online effort to change public policy.
By leveraging an individual’s existing contacts in social networks and beyond, BlastRoots empowers ordinary citizens to easily recruit others who share their views, educate them on the issues, and give them a way to take action to make a difference. The tool is currently entirely free to use. Later versions will include pay options for advanced public affairs services.

“Dissatisfaction with government has grown. High-quality, widely available tools to change government have not. In recent years, ‘grassroots lobbying’ has been driven more and more by public affairs professionals, not by grassroots activists themselves. Our mission is to change that,” said BlastRoots™ founder and CEO, Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D. “The proprietary BlastRoots platform will make it possible for anyone, from any political leaning or walk of life, to create online campaigns like those that Big Business, Big Labor, or other well-funded special interest groups use to affect public policy.

“BlastRoots seeks to help the public compete with special interests by making it easy for anyone to create and manage relatively sophisticated policy campaigns, regardless of the issue, literally from the grassroots up.”

The company aims to disrupt the advocacy marketplace, estimated to top $17.2 billion in 2012 alone. BlastRoots defines the advocacy market as the combined market for lobbying and public affairs spending, political contributions and campaign spending – all of which have the goal of changing public policy. This market has grown rapidly for the last decade, rising an estimated 251% since 1999.

Generally speaking, the public at large is unable to get access to the tools needed for successful policy campaigns because the technologies are not publicly available, out of their price range, or both. Such campaigns are usually limited to wealthy individuals, corporations, unions, trade associations and ideological advocacy groups.

BlastRoots™ takes a step in the direction of providing such tools. It helps to automate grassroots
lobbying, a form of advocacy that focuses on raising awareness of a particular cause among large groups of sympathetic people, with the intention of activating them to contact their own elected officials.

Specifically, BlastRoots™ enables users to:

  • Create and recruit for advocacy campaigns;
  • Conduct automated outreach to decision-makers by petition, email, Tweet and mail; and
  • Track success over time.

Unique to BlastRoots™ is the Blast Tool, a patent-pending technology which allows users to
communicate with multiple social networks simultaneously, and also bring interested friends back to the platform to take action in an automated way.

“Most online advocacy tools are limited to helping people reach their friends or their elected officials on issues of the day. BlastRoots™ provides the most robust way to do both for free that is currently available. It gives individual citizens tools to mobilize extended networks for their own causes, on their own terms, in ways that can inform and influence elected officials,” said Dr. Hull.

About BlastRoots
BlastRoots is a privately-held, non-partisan, advocacy technology company that provides an automated online grassroots lobbying tool to anyone who wants to influence government. BlastRoots believes it is time to bring the tools of modern grassroots advocacy campaigns to the actual grassroots. For more information, or to Start Something, visit:

Media Contact:
Mike Smith
Michael Smith Business Development (for BlastRoots)
mike(at)msbdinc(dot)com 703-623-3834

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