Announcing Edwin Miller's Revolutionary New Book, "Snapshot9! What's Your Picture"

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Snapshot9: What’s Your Picture, couples content with software to offer business leaders, investors, and laymen a groundbreaking methodology for assessing the financial health of any organization, group or division.

To earn more, learn more – assess your investment’s financial model in seconds.

Snapshot9: What's Your Picture

Demo the Snapshot9 Application for free. See how easy it is to pinpoint opportunities to improve any organization’s financial model.

Edwin Miller, the CEO and founder of the paradigm-shifting enterprise management software company 9Lenses, is out to redefine the way we optimize business performance. Miller’s first book, "9Lenses Insight to Action: A Social Approach to Business Optimization" revealed that every company’s "best knowledge" is stored in the minds of its stakeholders. Miller’s second installment, "Snapshot9: What’s Your Picture," couples content with software to offer business leaders, investors, and laymen a groundbreaking methodology for assessing the financial health of any organization, group or division.

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The book helps organizations create a visual assessment of financial health with nothing more than a profit and loss statement. As the adage goes, a picture is worth 1000 words and every business has a drawing that defines its Touch, Volume, and Margin. Any business, division, group, or product line can improve these three areas, but to improve all three, companies must first identify their drawing, align their employees around the current drawing, and then determine the direction they want to go. The outcome can be tremendous.

Who’s This Book For? Everyone in business.

Snapshot9 is a must read for anyone interested in the financial health of an organization, program, or division’s profit and loss statement. CEOs and CFOs will benefit from the profit-accelerating insight gained from Snapshot9. Marketers, brand managers, and PR professionals will learn more about their markets by crowd-sourcing financial perceptions. Investors will use Snapshot9 to pinpoint companies with sound financials. Any business professional can Snapshot9 a company’s financials before interviewing, making an acquisition, or repositioning resources. Best of all, the Snapshot9 methodology inspired a cloud-based application that allows anyone to completely assess financial models in seconds.

Financial Health in Seconds? Yep, it's True.        

The modern business world can be a volatile place. To succeed businesses must be ready and willing to adapt. Most leaders are willing, but few understand the variables at play. Staying competitive requires rapid yet effective change. Snapshot9 application sessions guide users through a simple yet nuanced evaluation of three critical aspects of any financial model:
     1. Touch – defines the number of “customer interaction cycles there are in the development, marketing, sales, delivery, and support areas for our offerings.”
     2. Volume – “measures the number of new customers within a [industry standard] period.”
     3. Margins – “includes both the gross and net margins of the business.”

Miller suggests that before anyone shifts their financial strategy, reposition models, or makes an investment, they first ascertain the picture associated with three financial lens “themes:” Touch, Volume, and Margins. Those themes give leaders the ability to answer mission critical questions like:

“What is the company’s business model and is it scalable? Does the business consume cash or kick off cash? Why? What does adding one more customer mean in terms of cost vs. value? Where do the touches in the business occur, and how could we improve them? What portion of the net revenue of the business is based on factors other than the product line? Do we really understand our customers, and what is the optimal volume of customers? What is the financial model of the business and what could it become?” ~ CEO of 9Lenses Edwin Miller

The Snapshot9 cloud-based application answers those questions by empowering every stakeholder (e.g. employees, customers, and partners) to share their perceptions of the company’s financial model instantly. By tapping into the power of social media, leaders can gauge how different sub-cultures within their business address touch, volume, and margin in minutes. Does the CEO’s perception jive with the whole? If not, there are impending weaknesses that will show up in the earnings statements. Those weaknesses can be transformed into opportunities, as opposed barriers, via Snapshot9.

Miller uses a series of practical case studies such as Google, Oracle, Blockbuster, Netflix, and Redbox to illustrate the successes that can achieve by viewing P&Ls through Snapshot9. After Snapshot9 establishes the right channels of communication, margin-maximizing strategies emerge.

The Whole Picture:

Businesses are increasingly fragmented. Extreme specialization improves efficiency, but can inhibit visionary financial management. Most business tools magnify that problem. Each looks at a small slice of the company like HR, Finance, or operations but tends to ignore cross-lens connections. The Snapshot9 application is totally different. It breaks down the barriers that separate executives from the knowledge they need to develop a multi-level, interdisciplinary view of their company’s financial status. It gives them the power to socially discover, design, and take command of their financial destinies.

For the convenience of your readers, please include the following in your review: “Snapshot9 – What’s Your Picture?” can be purchased online, or by calling +1 (877) 891-2009.

A limited number of complimentary books will be available free for reviewers. Please contact Zachary Enos at zach(at)9lenses(dot)com to inquire.

About Edwin Miller

Edwin Miller, the Founder and CEO of 9Lenses, is an accomplished four-time CEO recognized as both a growth and a turnaround leader. He has proven his skills of leadership, motivation, and business model assessment and creation in both the public and private theaters. He has successfully transformed domestic and international organizations through both organic and acquisitive means. His experiences span many different technological, horizontal, and vertical markets. In addition to serving as CEO of 9Lenses, Edwin serves as Chairman of the Board for Callis Communications, board member of Spotlight Ticket Management Systems, and is an Adjunct Professor and Research Fellow at George Mason University. Edwin Miller can be booked for speaking engagements for executive audiences through the Washington Speakers Bureau.

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