Seniors Improve Balance and Flexibility with the Revolutionary New 8Board from Grail Sports

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The 8Board is an easy to use exercise device for seniors who want to maintain balance, coordination and flexibility in minutes.

Light-weight, portable, easy to use

The 8Board puts a spring in my step everyday!

Grail Sports Inc is proud to bring the 8Board to the public. This patented training device is revolutionary in that it improves coordination, balance and flexibility for the elderly user. By standing and swiveling on the 8Board the user’s body learns to rotate and pivot properly, on balance. Using the 8Board improves balance, flexibility and coordination for seniors wanting to stay fit and maintain balance.

The 8Board has become a favorite exercise for seniors because it is easy to do, and can be done at home in minutes. The gentle low impact motion of the "figure 8" helps people over the age of 50 stay "connected" to their bodies, maintain their center of gravity and feel balanced and "centered." The gentle to and fro swiveling action is easy to master and has long lasting benefits. By 8Boarding for just a few minute in the morning, the affects can be felt all day.

The 8Board, originally invented to train tennis players, has only recently been recognized as a useful device for all people wanting to improve balance, flexibility and coordination. And because it is so easy to use, lightweight and portable, it has become a favorite exercise for seniors.

The 8Board has also been used for rehabilitation from injuries, including knees, hips, low back, shoulders and ankles. There are numerous stories of how this simple device has helped prosthetic leg amputees regain balance and equilibrium in minutes. Teachers have had success using the 8Board to improve reading comprehension and behavior in children with ADD, ADHD and autism.

The patented 8Board is the first and only double-swivel device, made in the USA. The 8Board, made of ABS plastic is affordable, light-weight, portable and easy to use for anyone of any age. It can handle weight up to 1500 lbs and is also currently used by obesity clinics for weight loss.

The 8Board invented by tennis coaches Jack Broudy and Paul Mayberry, has been used over the past ten years by many of today’s premiere young athletes. Broudy and the 8Board were instrumental in developing many of today’s top American tennis players, including Sam Querrey, Steve Forman and Steve Johnson. Broudy and Mayberry have also done extensive work with NCAA record setting coach, Peter Smith and his winning USC tennis teams, NCAA Champions 2009-2012. The 8board was also Voted Top 10 Golf Training Devices by PGTAA.

Inspired by the 20th century philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the science of projective geometry and Tai Chi, the 8 Board utilizes the patented double-swivel to develop a “figure 8” motion in the hips that then expands out to the arms and legs for use in a myriad of sports and activities.

The 8Board is available at for 119.95 including free shipping in the U.S. It is the state of the art for all athletes and coaches wanting to excel in their sport. Broudy contends that the 8 Board “is essential for any person who wants to feel connected to their body and the World around them. It is the key to being centered and grounded.”

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