Halloween is Coming Up. How About No Sew Costumes Created by Kids Themselves? Kids Activities Blog Features a Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Creating a No Sew Costume

Halloween time is costume time. Kids Activities Blog features a no sew costume created by children themselves. This Very Hungry Caterpillar activity and other caterpillar craft are a great way to save money and create learning opportunities during Halloween this year.

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very hungry caterpillar activity

very hungry caterpillar activity

No sew costumes created by kids themselves are the latest buzz on Kids Activities Blog.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Halloween time is costume time. Halloween is coming up and Kids Activities Blog is featuring a Very Hungry Caterpillar activity based on the book by Eric Carle. Going to the store to buy the pre-schooler a costume is expensive and may not be necessary after reading the latest blog about this no sew costume made by the children themselves.

Based on the book, The Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carle, the dress up mask is easy to do. Materials needed are colorful foam shapes, a low-temp hot glue gun, and rubber strings. Assembly may require adult assistance if a real hot glue gun is used. Based on the template, let the children glue their shapes together and attach the rubber string.

After assembly, create the full top to bottom costume. Simply pair the no sew very hungry caterpillar mask with a green top and a green pair of pants, and voila, the costume is finished. And it is made by the children themselves.

Kids Activities Blog features this as well as other Halloween related suggestions on the latest blogs about caterpillar craft that have Moms reply in numbers. During the Fall, easy pre-school caterpillar craft exclusively made by children themselves, include other great suggestions such as building a caterpillar. Materials to build this caterpillar include an eggcarton, pipecleaners, and markers or other decorative items. Just check out these and other blogs about crafts exclusively made by kids themselves.

These and other Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities for the Halloween Season are a great way to get kids involved in creating their very own costume as featured on Kids Activities Blog.


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no sew costume no sew costume

no sew costume

caterpillar craft caterpillar craft

caterpillar craft