Tough Timez Apparel Gaining Momentum

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Meet the Entrepreneur who turns a negative experience into a positive lifestyle. Take a journey into his life and witness the Evolution of Tough Timez Apparel.

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Optimistic point of view

if you don't know the value of life you will be cheated out of what it is worth

Tough Timez Apparel has reached a new sales mark and has been gaining a significant amount of momentum recently .

Born and raised in Pomona, California Shay Palmer grew up in a single family household. Shay was not your typical inner city kid. He recognized earlier on that he was great. Through out his childhood years he was very creative even till to the point if he was put on punishment, he would write a letter to his mother indicating what went wrong with his behavior and how he would fix it. Sports was Shay's first love, but as time passed he become more concerned with fashion and how an image can help gain you access to opportunities.

Highly influenced by Hip Hop music, Shay begin to participate in the Hip Hop culture by writing and recording raps songs with his friends. The level of determination to become a rapper became so strong Shay eventually met the right contacts who were overwhelmed by his work ethic. They signed him to their independent record label as a recording artist when he was just 16. The creative energy behind Shay was a force to be reckoned with.

Life seemed to be going well, but what goes up must go down. The relationship between Shay and his mother was never really good or healthy and as years went on, it got even worse. In 1998, the tension reached a breaking point when Shay was 17, and his life would never be the same. Shay returned home that Monday evening and retired for the night. The next day he would wake up to a shattered new reality: his mother had moved out while he was sleeping, took all her belongings and vanished without leaving a note, just gone without a trace. Shay would be forced to pick up the pieces and begin to sort out his life on his own.

The real world started early and Shay was given his first reality check. The odds were stacked so high against him that he had no choice but to do what was necessary for the moment to survive. Shay entered the underworld of the streets but kept the mentality this would only be a temporary means of earning money until he got an opportunity to really work. During the process of surviving in the streets, Shay continued to be creative when ever the time was permitted as he made strides towards better options for himself. The reality of his intentions begin to manifest and he ended up with the chance to move with his friends to San Bernardino.

Things got a little better for Shay once he made the transition to another location, but it was still tough times. Shay refused to give up on life, so he decided to get a job at a restaurant. The ability to be optimistic and the will to live gave Shay the strength to focus on what was necessary for the moment. He was so dedicated to changing his life, he would commute back and forth on the train from Pomona to San Bernardino just to keep a steady income. The long commutes became overbearing and non-beneficial so Shay began to search for another job. During his journey he stumbled upon relatives of his father. They indicated to him that his father was looking for him and provided his contact information. Once Shay returned home, he immediately called the number, spoke to his father and he was informed that he would live with his dad in Orange County, California.

Reality changed again for Shay. His father was unable to provide proper shelter for him, so he went to go live with with his aunt and two cousins for three years in Orange County. During those years living with his family, he attended three community colleges and was averaging a 3.0 GPA. Momentum was on Shay's side, so he began developing a habit of writing positive quotes frequently throughout each day. It wasn't until 2002 when Shay was able to connect the dots between his love for fashion and the positive quotes he was writing.

One day while sitting in class he was struck with the idea that it would be cool to blend motivational quotes with street wear fashion. Things would never be the same after that particular day . Shay became so compelled to sketch designs every day, he    decided to start a clothing brand called Tough Timez Apparel, which was based off his love for fashion, his mental toughness and his ability to keep a positive outlook on life regardless of the circumstances.

The concept behind the name Tough Timez was to create a brand that can reflect the reality of every situation but at the same time provide the words of encouragement to turn a negative perspective into a positive one. This resilient entrepreneur named Shay Palmer has been chasing his dream every since he was struck with the idea while sitting in class.
Tough Timez Apparel has been in existence since 2004 and each year the brand continues to make a strong stride towards the top of the street wear food chain.

Shay Palmer has come a long way, which can only be giving credit to the most high, for giving him the ability to use his common sense and be analytical enough to navigate through tough mental terrain only to end up on top validating the fact "where there is a will, there is a way." Shay Palmer is a living example how to be optimistic in the face of adversity.

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