The Baseline of Health® Foundation Offers New Health Analysis of the Benefits of Soy and Dangers of Consuming Soy Products

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The safety of soy products is heavily debated among most health experts today, confusing most consumers. To help consumers understand the pros and cons of consuming soy products, such as soy baby formulas, Jon Barron recently released an independent report analyzing research on the benefits of soy as well as soy protein dangers, to help consumers make more informed dietary decisions.

“Soy products are nowhere near as toxic as many of their detractors claim. On the other hand, they are by no means as safe or nutritious as their proponents would have us believe.

The Baseline of Health Foundation® recently released a full report that gives an analysis of the health benefits of soy and dangers of consuming soy products found at most local supermarkets to help consumers make more educated dietary decisions. Soy products are now ubiquitous; however, most consumers are unaware of the true soy health benefits or dangers of consuming so much soy -- whether they are choosing to eat it, or just having it slipped into their food as a secret ingredient.

The report, titled, “Benefits & Dangers of Soy Products,” was written by the Foundation’s director, Jon Barron. As Barron explains, “Soy products are nowhere near as toxic as many of their detractors claim. On the other hand, they are by no means as safe or nutritious as their proponents would have us believe. On a good-bad scale, they probably come in at a 35:65 ratio, with the 65 lined up on the negative side.”

Barron first dispels the myth that soy products have been proven safe through millennia of use in East Asia. Barron states that yes, soy has been grown in Asia for several thousand years, but not as a food. In fact, it was originally used only in crop rotation to fix nitrogen. For a long time, soy was not considered suitable for eating, at least until fermented products such as soy sauce, tempeh, natto, and miso came along.

That said, Barron notes that studies have found that diets high in soy products are associated with lower blood pressure, reduced triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and a reduced incidence of diabetes. On the negative side, soy contains some very powerful nutrient blockers -- bio-chemicals that stop your body from absorbing key nutrients such as calcium and magnesium when you eat soy products. Barron then gives a detailed explanation of soy protein dangers for infants and children, especially when used as a primary protein source in baby formulas.

Barron concludes his report by giving consumers a few key guidelines for how to safely consume soy products, who should restrict their consumption, and by how much. Although the benefits of soy products may still outweigh the risks for some people, Barron’s report gives consumers the background information needed for them to better weigh the pros and cons of soy for their specific health needs.

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About Jon Barron and The Baseline Of Health® Foundation

Founder and Director of the Baseline of Health® Foundation, Jon Barron has been at the forefront of much of the pioneering work in the study of nutrition and anti-aging for the last 45 years. He is editor and publisher of the Baseline of Health® Newsletter and the Barron Report, which are both read by thousands of doctors, health experts, government health ministers, and nutrition consumers in over 100 countries. He is the author of the acclaimed health book, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors. As the resident health expert, Barron can be heard biweekly on the 1680 AM "Healthy Trends" radio show in LA. He currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the prestigious Health Sciences Institute. For more information, visit

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