Searchdaimon Founder Explains New Retrieval System

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A new fully featured, competitive enterprise search system is now available from Searchdaimon.

There is no practical limit to the number of Searchdaimon ES virtual servers which can be clustered together. Therefore, big data present no particular problems.

A new fully featured, competitive enterprise search system is now available from Searchdaimon,, a software development firm based in Trondheim, Norway. The company’s system delivers the type of functionality associated with Hewlett Packard Autonomy-type systems at, according to industry insiders, an extremely attractive price point.

Searchdaimon is the result of an evolution of academic research at the same university that developed the original Fast Search & Transfer search system. The company goes beyond Fast Search, delivering high-speed content processing and concept identification in an innovative package.

“Data volume is now growing exponentially. We are routinely seeing users with e-mail boxes in the hundreds of thousands of e-mails and search projects where they plan to collect “everything” for “all time,” co-founder Runar Buvik said recently when interviewed for ArnoldIT’s Search Wizards Speak series. “Searchdaimon’s background is Internet search, so we are used to handling large volumes of data. There is no practical limit to the number of Searchdaimon ES virtual servers which can be clustered together. Therefore, big data present no particular problems.”

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Unlike traditional search systems, Searchdaimon has been designed to operate in virtual machines from a cloud provider such as Amazon or a licensee’s service provider. On-premises installations are supported as well. The architecture permits seamless scaling so that high volumes of content can be processed with minimal latency.

“The functions are comparable to the features and functions available from HP Autonomy, Endeca, Exalead, and other aggressively marketed systems,” Buvik said. “For example, Searchdaimon offers filtering, sorting, content federation, search suggestions, spell checking of user queries, stemming and lemmatization, a graphic interface for the administrative services, logs, statistics, and the other components of a modern enterprise information retrieval system. The ES is a fully featured enterprise search solution that can index different content types scattered across multiple servers and storage devices. The system offers full text search to end users.”

Stephen E. Arnold, managing director of Arnold IT, said, “The interesting aspect of Searchdaimon is that the system is positioned as an appliance which can be run within VMware, Xen, and VirtualBox as a “virtual appliance.” The system also runs from the Amazon cloud. For those looking for a turn-key solution, Searchdaimon is available as an appliance. The system can be snapped into Microsoft environments. An optional connection to Microsoft Active Directory is available.”

Buvik said Searchdaimon is “fundamentally committed to open source software. We provide the documentation and access methods needed to integrate Searchdaimon into other applications. It is also easy to build a search-based application on top of the Searchdaimon system.”

According to Buvik, the basic version of Searchdaimon ES delivers a comprehensive enterprise search solution without charge. The free version supports 10 users. For more users, the company offers a very competitively priced license. Specific pricing details are available at The system, whether for a few users or thousands, provides site search and search in internal corporate data.

Buvik also administers a website where a prospective licensee of an enterprise search system can run a query across nine different systems. Most vendors do not provide “head to head” comparisons, so Buvik’s Open Search Test site is attracting significant traffic. Visit the site at

“Searchdaimon’s enterprise search system is a competitive solution to an organization’s information retrieval needs,” Arnold said after the interview. “The system takes full advantage of next generation virtualization technology and includes features once associated with systems from such vendors as Autonomy, Endeca, and Exalead. Searchdaimon’s pricing is orders of magnitude less that some of the flagship systems. Searchdaimon is an indicator that the enterprise search market is innovative and pushing new boundaries.”

About Searchdaimon

Searchdaimon is a leading provider of enterprise search solutions, that aims to transforming the way small and medium size businesses retrieves knowledge and information. Their cornerstone product, the Searchdaimon Enterprise Search, is one of the best solution for conducting search and getting information from inside the business. For specific contact information, visit

About Stephen E. Arnold, ArnoldIT

Stephen E. Arnold is a technology and financial analyst with more than thirty years of experience. In addition to “Google: The Digital Gutenberg,” he is the author of more than 50 journal articles and a number of other books, including “Internet 2000” and the first three editions of the 600-page encyclopedia of search called “The Enterprise Search Report.” His newest study of enterprise search, “The New Landscape of Enterprise Search: A Critical Review of the Market and Search Systems,” was published by Pandia in Oslo, Norway, in May 2011. Visit Beyond Search at for more information.

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