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After a year in beta, launches to the public. The site offers live, up-to-the-minute social media content that discuss the health insurance industry (when a health insurance company name is mentioned). The site examines the health insurance industry through online sources to determine trends, company communications, marketing techniques and public sentiment. logo is pleased to announce its official launch. The site, which has been in beta for the past year, is a live, searchable web database specific to health insurance company news and social media content. Currently there are nearly 700,000 records in the database from January 1, 2011 to present. The purpose of the website is to examine the health insurance company industry through online sources to determine news trends, company communications, marketing techniques and public sentiment.

How does it work?

Every eight to ten minutes, web content from Twitter, Facebook, Google News and Health Insurance Company RSS feeds are downloaded into the database. Content statistics are reanalyzed and graphically displayed by Company and Category. The health insurance companies tracked are:

  •     Aetna
  •     BlueCross/BlueShield
  •     Cigna
  •     Health Net
  •     Humana
  •     Kaiser Permanente
  •     UnitedHealth
  •     Wellpoint

Each record is evaluated during an approximate 10,000 step text analytic process to determine the content meaning and then the feed is coded into a general category:

  •     Personal Comments by customers and employees
  •     Company Promotions such as charity events, health tips, apps, grants, donations
  •     News Finance like mergers, acquisitions, stock prices, lawsuits, data breaches, fines
  •     Job Listings

What’s in there?

The website gives the visitor an up to the minute snapshot of what’s being discussed in the health insurance industry, where a health insurance company name is mentioned. Each page prominently displays the date and time when the database was last updated. Today’s content is graphically analyzed by Company and Category so the user can see if a major news story just happened. The top five news stories are programmatically chosen from the content produced during the day.

The Zeitgeist section represents the most interesting, heartfelt, funny or sardonic personal comments. The Rumors section discuss possible mergers, contract negotiations, benefit enhancements, job hiring or layoffs.

Each health insurance company has their own profile page

  •     Today’s contents by category summary
  •     Top trending stories
  •     Google News
  •     Weekly content chart

Comments made by self-identified employees of health insurance companies are found in the Employee Social Media screen. Are the employees enthusiastic about their job, grateful to be working, bored, or watching TV?

The Corporate Social Media section attempts to document the various official Twitter and Facebook accounts from a health insurance company. Is the company logo and account name branded in a recognizable way? Does the health insurance company offer customer support, press relations, health tips or career tools? Is the message content from a specific account consistent with the account purpose?

A social media Customer Rant usually occurs when all other traditional communication venues, i.e. email, phone call, letters have been exhausted. At this point, the customer is not just angry, but frustrated. The reasons for the rants vary, but usually the cause is from a denied claim that has been unexplained and unjustified in the customer’s mind.

The Story Tracker follows a specific news or promotional item from the story’s origin to present. All content regarding the story is listed and a graph displays the number of messages by date.

The Search function finds all content by Company Name, Keyword, Sender and/or Date.

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