Tarps Plus Liquidates Off Surplus Ice Rinks Liner Tarps Due To A Projected El Nino Winter

2012 El Nino brings a possible cold winter and an over stock of ice rink liner tarps at Tarps Plus.

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Palmdale, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Ice rink liner tarps are a very sought after item during the winter. Many people wanting to build their own backyard ice rink buy the tarps to make a liner for the water to catch and freeze. In order to prevent losses, Tarps Plus has decided to liquidate off its surplus Ice rinks liner tarps due to what is projected to be a warm winter.

Tarps Plus sales manager Steve Benson stated, “In light of this year’s projected El Nino winter, we are getting rid of some overstocked ice rink tarp liners at a major discount.” Tarps Plus says it manufactured 20% too many ice rink liner tarps and will sell them off at a major discount in order to clear up warehouse space.

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