An Advanced Marketing Strategy: Why Mitt Romney Wants You to Think Barack Obama Is a Better Debater

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Heading into the Presidential Debates,’s CEO, Charles Gaudet, Discusses Why Each Candidate Wants You to Believe They Are Not as Polished as the Other

Barack Obama Wants You to Think Mitt Romney is a Better Debater

Barack Obama Wants You to Think Mitt Romney is a Better Debater

...if you don’t tell people what they should expect when they do business with you, they’ll begin to make up their own assumptions.

As the nation comes closer to watching one of the most highly anticipated presidential debates in history, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are making every effort to position themselves as a less skilled debater than the other. While this may seem a little counter-intuitive,’s CEO, Charles Gaudet argues that many small business owners should pay attention to this advanced marketing strategy.

“Let’s face it, Obama’s been widely believed to have stronger debate skills than Romney. This leaves the door open for Romney to exceed expectations with the pressure on Obama not to disappoint,” says Gaudet. “But it’s no different than how entrepreneurs set expectations for their businesses. Southwest Airlines makes it understood that there are no fringe benefits with their airline, you have to wait in line to get a seat and there will be no meals served on board. But because they’ve actively established customer expectations up front, the airline repeatedly receives positive ratings and reviews.”

Gaudet stresses the importance of setting, managing, and reinforcing customer expectations. He says customers will be satisfied to the degree their expectations are met. Should expectations not be met, customers will be unsatisfied; on the contrary, exceeding customer expectations will result in a pleased customer.

These customer expectations must be communicated in the entrepreneur’s marketing message, reinforced with the company’s employees, and must be continuously met without failure or deviation. Gaudet urges entrepreneurs to understand that the role of marketing goes beyond just accumulating new sales; it also involves managing customer expectations for the benefit of happy customers, repeat customer purchases, and referral business.

“Entrepreneurs often underestimate the importance of managing their customers' expectations. You see, if you don’t tell people what they should expect when they do business with you, they’ll make up their own assumptions. Now the danger with that approach is if your customer expectations are higher than what you’re delivering, you will inevitably disappoint your customer and generate negative word of mouth publicity,” says Gaudet. “Now if you manage your expectations at a level you know you can meet every single time, and then exceed those expectations, you’ve created a happy customer. There’s nothing more powerful than a business with lots of happy customers.”

As the series of three Presidential Debates commences on Wednesday, October 3rd, will President Barack Obama disappoint a nation with high expectations or could Mitt Romney exceed voters’ expectations and win the debates? At this critical and highly competitive juncture, the edge will come down to the party who manages voter expectations the best.

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