Rochard Limoges Boxes Has a New Fall Collection of Luxury Gifts Starts Entirely this Week

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Limoges Boxes Boutique has a tradition of celebrating the"Fall Holidays". Their new line of Fall Collection starts entirely this week. The presentation of the Rochard Fall Holiday Collection 2012 has thousands of Hand-Painted Porcelain Limoges boxes featured in all of their exclusive fine web stores. The new 2012 Rochard Limoges Fall Collection offers gift-shoppers and Limoges Box collectors an extensive selection of the uppermost quality of French Limoges to choose from that includes fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Limoges boxes.

Autumn Limoges Boxes French Gifts

Fine Hand-painted Limoges Boxes from France

Every Limoges Boxes Boutique Limoges box is high in quality and workmanship. Each piece presents the unique French Limoges back stamp and the painted alias "Limoges, France" to guarantee the authenticity and the source of their regional production. Limoges Porcelain Figurine Boxes will esteem the French porcelain Collector. The artistry and marvelous elegance of each exquisite Limoges Boutique hand-painted porcelain box Collection is made individually by hand. They are intricately created by carefully designing the mold, by mixing the porcelain ingredients into the mold, by multiple firings, by delicately layered hand-painting for decoration, and by fitting the metal hinges on snug.

Each and every Limoges box in our collection is limited editions, finely crafted and hand-picked by master artists in Limoges. They all come with a certificate of authenticity. The phrase "Peint Main" indicates that the Limoges box is indeed painted by hand. Authentic and reputable companies include Rochard, Artoria Limoges, PPA, GV, FR, YM, AS, CL, JL, PV, HM, GR, Chanille, Dubarry, Elda Creations, BS, CP, and many many more. Each porcelain piece is intricately hand-painted with inordinate detailing; as many of the styles have stylish paintings inside and sometimes even contain a lovely accessory piece.

A Regal Proclamation in 1764 by Louis XVI has authorized the Porcelain Ateliers producing Limoges box Porcelain within the City Limits to have a Royal Label of Quality & a French Imperial Title. Since, Royalties & Superstars from all over the World have treasured Limoges Boxes Porcelain as a genuine treasure. Madame de Pompadour Josephine, the Empress of France and Alexander, Tsar of Russia, are some of the admired historical Limoges Box collectors. Porcelain Limoges boxes were formerly used to keep snuff, send love poems, give engagement rings, and other special trinkets between lovers and friends. These fabulous trinket box pieces were also used as make-up and powder Boxes, as some even contained tobacco leaves. Limoges Boutique boxes follow a Tradition of Eminence and Brilliance and are the perfect presents, holiday gifts, & collectibles. Limoges Boutique porcelain Limoges boxes symbolize Love, French Romanticism, are used to nostalgia an event in our life.

Limoges box porcelain figurines are magnificent French gifts and will compliment everyone’s wardrobe and collection. Limoges trinket boxes are hand-painted, miniature porcelain figurines that are hand mounted with metal hinges. Limoges porcelain is a loftier kind of ceramic made of the precise pure White Kaolin Clay and is found in the volcanic area of central France near the city of Limoges. The earthen is molded into numerous shapes and then heated into a brick kelm. The city of Limoges in France is celebrated for creating the most optimum porcelain in the world. The creation of Limoges Porcelain Boxes is a laborious and time consuming process that involving multiple firings and glazing. Hinged Limoges boxes are fine hand-crafted and hand-painted porcelain boxes that are created in many different themes such as animal figurines, love, wedding, monuments and little figurine shapes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah, Christmas.

Fine Limoges porcelain figurines, high-class hinged Limoges Boxes Figurines, porcelain trinket boxes, Limoges jewelry chests, and Limoges dinnerware make inordinate holiday gifts and a perfect upscale luxury Christmas presents incredible baby shower gifts and unforgettable wedding presents. Limoges boxes and Limoges porcelain boxes can be very personal since they are available in almost every theme you can imagine; such as a Birthday, a Wedding, an Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas & all the holidays or to simply express thankfulness to friends, family, and loved ones. Limoges and Limoges boxes design groupings include animals, dogs art, baby, cats, elephants, turtles, frogs, gourmet, holiday, music, nativity, professions, sports, romantic, hearts, travel, vehicles, wedding, zodiac, jewelry, purses, bags, shoes, hats, wine, champagne, leisure, Animals, Beach and Tropics, Gardening, Professions, Sewing, Buildings and Cottages, Sports, Travel are only a limited categories to reference.

Our Rochard and Artoria lines are known for manufacturing the premium porcelain in the world; Limoges miniature figurines and trinket boxes are hand-painted and hand-mounted with fitted metal hinges. Using a painstaking and time-consuming process that involves multiple firings at 1400 degrees Celsius, our Limoges are made only of the purest Kaolin clay. The potential for French Limoges porcelain gifts and Limoges Boxes limitless. Limoges Boutique offers a wide selection of Limoges box collectibles in all imaginable styles and designs and frequently adds new and innovative designs in innumerable subjects. Each Limoges box accessible from Limoges Box Boutique is individually custom-crafted by leading artists in Limoges, France region. Limoges Boutique Limoges Porcelain Boxes are sure to capture the enjoyment of any Limoges collector or fanatic.

Porcelain Limoges boxes are the perfect gift for any occasion. Rochard and Artoria Limoges has imported the finest and largest collection of Limoges Porcelain Boxes from the heart of the city in Limoges, France to the United States. All orders are cautiously wrapped, gift-boxed and distributed globally from the Limoges distribution centers in Texas and New Jersey, to millions of porcelain enthusiasts in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The Rochard and Artoria Limoges Collection of Limited Edition porcelain figurine, jewelry, trinket boxes, and fine dinnerware is accessible exclusively to hundreds of upscale galleries, gift shops, antique shops, jewelry stores, and department stores all over the United States. Visit for all your needs of authentic Limoges boxes, discount Limoges Boxes, Limoges pill boxes, hinged Limoges boxes, Heart Limoges boxes, Jewelry Limoges boxes & chests, Figurine Limoges boxes and many more porcelain collectible Limoges boxes.

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