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On Liberty announces a series of essays examining the political science of Liberty, what defines it, its natural and encompassing policy control over government, both domestically and in foreign policy, as well as its natural check against government spending and control over a nations means of monetary exchange. Condensed from Wm W. Fawell’s “New American Revolution”, Elect A New Congress hopes to open up the endless possibilities that Liberty can provide to an America that has been turned upside down. The first of the series can be found at http://electanewcongress.com/on-liberty/#.UGtT0q4n3ng.

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Usurpation of the powers of Congress... "is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed." George Washington, 1796

"Liberty is little understood, which is not surprisingly because Liberty has been so devoid in American life on an accelerating scale for at least the last 100 years," author Wm W. Fawell remarked upon the release of first installment of this investigation of Liberty.

"Technically, Liberty is defined as a being a nation where the people rule over the government. This is only possible when the electors, in America’s case the Congress, that have been given the constitutional power over the nations business, adhere to performing said powers exclusively within the “transparency of the public forum”.

"Liberty has always been under attack from within," Fawell warned. "The Court first waded into defining “necessary and proper” in Justice John Jay’s opinion in McColloch vs. Maryland. While addressing “necessary”, Jay essentially ignored “proper”, as if it did not exist. And for a Federalist like John Jay, Liberty couldn’t exist if the people were to be ruled as he, Adams, and Hamilton intended. Not surprisingly, this defines the common breach against both the Jefferson and Jackson revolutions of Liberty in 1800, and 1828, in opposition to the Federalists position that Americans are unruly children, and must be ruled as America is ruled today."

"George Washington in his Farewell Speech to the Nation explained this hard reality 25 years prior to Jay’s ruling, when he clarified that such assignment, or usurpation of the powers of Congress, “is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed",” Fawell explained.

"In the first installment, we will investigate the economic model inherent to Liberty and its natural bounty for all. Then we'll consider the economic model of tyranny, as Liberty and tyranny lie in dialectic opposition, for where one to exist, the other cannot and they are incompatible. The economic model of Liberty will always result is the creation and maintenance of real wealth and real wages upon a national scale, as the rising tide of a nation’s bounty lifts all ships, including those of state."

"We are not talking about "trickle down"," Fawell noted. "That is one of the many fallacies inherent to the economic model of tyranny, which is characterized by a chronic misappropriation of credit, where a nation’s wealth is merely moved around with low to negative real creation of wealth and wages to offset the waste as the nation starts to consume itself. This has been exemplified over the past 40 years by the Financialization (the theft) of America."

"This results in a compounding tax on the inefficiency of tyranny that grows until it can no longer sustain the tyrant. Finally, in order to bail itself out, the tyrant is brought to war, for tyranny must consume or die. That is its weakness," the author pointed out.

"The fate of America is run by economist when it should be accountants," Fawell explained. "The failure of all economists is that they never recognize nor acknowledge the different economic models that divide Liberty and tyranny. Inevitably then, under the governance of tyranny, the job of the economist becomes one of justifying the unjustifiable. Their dilemma lies in the two distinctly opposite and incompatible economic models, one of which is groomed for success while the other is fated to chronic disaster."

"Economist never make the connection of distinguishing between the two, so while the machinations of any economic theory or model may provide a truth in the short run, without understanding or at least recognizing the root system it operates in, its wisdom is fleeting at best, and ruinous at worst," Fawell clarified. "And in America today, we are witness to its ruinous worst. The American people not only expect better, we deserve better, and Liberty is the only vehicle that can take us there."


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