Connecticut Woman Who Became an Internet Sensation by Scolding a Black Bear Is the Inspiration for Cheetah Mastermind Training

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Not every video that goes viral combines the words “fearless” and “hilarious”—yet that’s just what people worldwide are saying about Nishanto Kane and the big black bear that visited her home. One person not surprised by the encounter is Michelle LaBrosse, CEO and founder of Cheetah Learning (, who describes Nishanto as “an amazing woman with incredible presence.”

Nishanto Kane became an Internet sensation with a video-gone-viral featuring her scolding a big black bear that had waltzed unannounced into her yard. Few who viewed the flickering YouTube image, however, realize that the Connecticut resident, a registered therapist, was the inspiration for Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator Certification Training (

“Nishanto is an amazing woman with incredible presence,” said Michelle LaBrosse, CEO and founder of Cheetah Learning ( “She invited me to run a mastermind group with her that became the basis for Cheetah Mastermind. This video is an amazing testament to what is possible when you believe in yourself and your abilities to counter any challenge that appears.”

LaBrosse isn’t the only one impressed.

“The Bear Meets Nishanto” became an international sensation, having been posted by media giants such as ABC, CBS, Huffington Post, Daily Mail (UK), Google News, Yahoo News, MSN and Bing as well as specialty sites like Digital Journal, Most Watched Today, and Viral Video Center.

t’s described as “hilarious,” while Nishanto has been called “gutsy,” “fearless” and “brave.”

The video is one of a number posted on the Nayana Grillo YouTube channel at; the shortest being 8 seconds, the longest—at 1 minute, 5 seconds—was the video that turned viral. It shows a black bear lumbering across a backyard lawn, stepping on to a deck, and slowly climbing a set of stairs.

As the animal steps on the porch, a voice warns, “Nishanto, the bear’s here!”

Kane immediately steps into action. “Get down, right now,” she says, sternly. “No, no, doooooown,” shooing the creature away, like it’s a fuzzy little kitten, as it scurries from the yard.

Some years back, Nishanto had invited LaBrosse to facilitate a “mastermind group.” Such gatherings involve a small number of dedicated participants who meet together regularly over a period of time to develop their skills.

The success of that group eventually inspired LaBrosse to formalize Cheetah Mastermind, the benefits of which include the ability to:

“Develop the confidence to go for it with reaching your goals.”

“Identify how to select the right mix of people for participating in the mastermind group for optimum results.”

“Create synergism with the other mastermind participants to create better opportunities, faster.”

“Learn how to motivate and inspire others to pursue their goals.”

Here’s how Nishanto described her experience with LaBrosse:

“When I asked Michelle to help me with my Mastermind Group, I had no idea what fun was in store for us,” she said. “I love the format we use with the Cheetah approach. My husband, who usually won’t participate in these types of events, saw what it was doing for my small business and decided to join us.”

For more information about Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator Certification Training, visit or call toll-free at (888) 659-2013. Outside the U.S., call (602) 220-1263.

“Mastermind is the activity of expanding possibilities,” LaBrosse said of the training. “It works well when you get a group of people together who are all focused on expanding their opportunities and just want to go for it.”

She makes no guarantees, however, regarding the ability to chase off bears—or other things that “go bump in the night.”

ABOUT: Cheetah Learning is a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider and is International Association of Continuing Education and Training Certified. Cheetah was awarded the Project Management Institute Professional Development Provider of the Year for 2008 for the significant contribution it made to the field of project management with its accelerated approach to teaching and doing project management.


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