Edmond Masjedi Comments on Recent Philanthropic Focus in Big Business

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The recent release of the Forbes 400 issue has drawn attention due to its focus on philanthropy among the wealthy. As an experienced businessman, Edmond Masjedi explains why giving back is necessary for the growth of commerce.

The recent release of the latest Forbes 400 inspired readers to understand the idea of philanthropy among some of America’s wealthiest individuals. While some may struggle to connect “commerce and philanthropy,” a new Forbes article reveals that charitable actions among the rich have been present throughout the history of American capitalism. Edmond Masjedi, noted businessman, responds to this trend by explaining why it is important for every individual to give back to their communities, no matter what their income level.

The article states, “Commerce and philanthropy are considered to be polar opposites. They’re not; they are two sides of the same coin. Both are about meeting the needs of people. To succeed in either sector requires entrepreneurial innovation and energy. Hence, the seeming paradox of the U.S.: The most commercial nation ever birthed is also the most philanthropic.” Edmond Masjedi responds, “Hearing that America is among the most philanthropic countries makes me really proud, not only to be a citizen of this country, but also to be a working professional within it.”

Edmond Masjedi is a diverse entrepreneur who has focused on everything from producing high-quality, low-cost wines to developing high-end real estate. Although Masjedi has proven his skills in the modern business world, he is also a man dedicated to philanthropy. Edmond Masjedi’s charitable contributions are as widespread as his career experience, as he has given to organizations such as JDRF, the Penny Lane Foundation and the Beth Jacob Congregation. Having benefited from both American capitalism and the charitable actions, Masjedi believes the two ideas are similar.

Edmond Masjedi states, “Those successful in capitalism are achieving their own dreams. Those successful in charity are helping others. In terms of the latest Forbes 400 list, it is important to shine a light on those that give back, because these people are role models. People look up to them as experts in commerce and building a brand. They should also be noted for using their intelligence to solve problems and help mankind.”

While it generally takes years of hard work, effort and determination to achieve the wealth found among the Forbes 400, Edmond Masjedi adds that an individual can become charitable any moment they choose. He encourages all Americans to research volunteer organizations and to give available time and resources to groups that spike an interest.


Edmond Masjedi is a business professional who has reached success in a variety of industries including general merchandise distribution, plastics, real estate and wine. On top of his professional pursuits, Edmond Masjedi is a dedicated member of his community who strives to give back through charitable actions. To date, Edmond Masjedi has given time and resources to organizations such as the Beth Jacob Foundation, the Chabad Organization, the Penny Lane Foundation and JDRF.

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