International Tax Planning Reduces Tax Liability by Billions of Dollars; Businesses Seek Professional Advice

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One of the biggest demons of the business world is the stringent tax regulations that contribute generously to reduction in profits, especially for new businesses. To counter this, proudly presents International Tax Planning services that will help businesses and private individuals to mitigate this liability and maximize earnings.

An increasingly large number of corporations are now considering different ways of tax mitigation in order to survive in the highly competitive market of today. Businesses are planning ahead and adopting cost effective methods of carrying out operations. Due to the presence of innumerable competitors and an increasingly conscious consumer base, a business has little flexibility to increase prices. Thus, it is often left with no other choice but to cut down costs in its attempt to maximize profits.

Singapore, unlike many other countries, enjoys flexible tax rates. In the rest of the world, however, the prevailing trend shows austere tax regulations that have increased the dissatisfaction among the members of the business community. Striving to reduce their tax burden, some companies have stepped into illegal domains while trying to find a way around corporate taxation. Several famous corporations have lost millions of dollars in fines and settlements and tarnished their market goodwill as a consequence.

International Tax Planning has now made it possible for companies to reduce their tax liabilities by using cleverly designed Planning methods that are not unlawful in any way. While tax evasions and other traditional means of tax alleviation are widely practiced, the best practices in the market are those that are completely legal. This leaves the government and regulatory authorities with no grounds to jeopardize the company, since it has not broken the law in any way.

International Tax Planning has opened a whole new horizon for businesses and private ownerships to optimize taxation. With the help of experienced professionals, who have great proficiency in tax consultancy and international tax laws, companies can draw an effective corporate structure that is ideal for purposes of tax avoidance. An example of one such company is Google Inc. that has saved up to $1 billion worth of income tax in 2007 through a legal tax strategy, all thanks to International Tax Planning!

With professional advice many innovative and efficient methods of tax diminution are being planned for companies and private individuals. A corporate structure that is tax-friendly can be carefully designed and executed for companies that wish to cut costs and improve operations. There are tailor-made solutions available for each company that understand the needs and complexities of the business and can easily be adopted. As far as private individuals are concerned, there are options such as overseas holdings and offshore structures that will not attract taxes, in some countries such as Singapore.

Businesses can enjoy tax reductions in Singapore due to the flexible tax regulations in this part of the world. Using this clever International Tax Planning technique, a Singapore-based offshore structure is advised by professionals to help businesses excel. Hundreds of companies all around the world are using these effective methods by setting up investments in Singapore. The biggest reason for this trend is that the government in Singapore has adopted a flexible tax structure that encourages foreign investments and opens the doors to numerous tax cuts and abatements.
The following solutions are available to private individuals looking for tax mitigation:

  •     Individuals with inherited wealth can use Singapore’s “No Inheritance Tax” policy and employ an offshore structure to make full use of this opportunity. However, this set-up has to be done before the inheritance of wealth for maximum efficiency.
  •     Entrepreneurs can minimize taxation from local authorities by using BVI to start off with an offshore structure.
  •     Since Singapore Tax Residence does not levy taxes on foreign sourced income, owners of intellectual property can show an offshore company to hold the intellectual property and innovation rights. This will help inventors, engineers and designers to save large amounts of money in the form of tax reductions since the income will not come to them personally but will be shown as the property of the offshore company that cannot be taxed.
  •     International investors can form a Singaporean company that receives dividends, services income and other foreign sourced income, as it does not attract taxes.

International Tax Planning advisory for corporations keeps in view the following aspects of corporations:

  •     Intellectual Property reassignments
  •     Financing
  •     Property Ownership
  •     Leasing
  •     Executive recruitment and employment
  •     Ship registration and management
  •     Investment Holding
  •     Administration and Treasury Management
  •     Insurance and Re-insurance
  •     International Trade and Provision of Services

Hence, International Tax Planning is a 100% genuine method and is not considered illegal by any government. For effective planning, the firm providing the services needs to be well-versed with the international laws regarding taxation. The tax advisor is an integral part of this process, thus, he or she needs to be in touch with the constantly changing international tax legislations. Only with these expertises can any advisor successfully plan and design the corporate structure for a company that aims at maximizing its revenue. It is also salient that the process be carried out in a legitimate way and the client is associated with only the best institutions internationally, such as a reputable offshore bank that is secure.

There are many International Tax Planning firms that claim to minimize the tax liability for businesses and individuals. However, a great majority of these establishments are amateurs that have the potential to inevitably cause harm due to weak planning. For the best results only the best Planners should be used. Paul Hype Page & Co. is one such firm that is highly regarded by its clients. Visit the website for more information on their services. The complete range of their services and areas of specialization can be found on the webpage

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