Super Savvy Business Identifies Simple Content Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce Websites And Website Optimization Tips

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This week Super Savvy Business has fresh news for those interested in the latest SEO techniques. Fiona Lewis, Super Savvy Business founder and CEO shares practical and easy steps for online business management optimization and new ways to choose keywords for page titles and descriptions.

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With the new Google updates, everything related to SEO and internet marketing has become “new” again.

It’s been on the online media news lately that the traditional ways of marketing are becoming extinct. The thing is, online marketing is now more powerful than ever, but its drawback is that business owners need to adapt to the constantly changing online landscape, and that includes SEO too – especially SEO. ‘With the new Google updates, everything related to SEO and internet marketing has become “new” again’, says Fiona Lewis, founder and CEO of Super Savvy Business.

When it comes to content marketing strategies, many entrepreneurs choose to ignore them if they are running an e-commerce website. But taking into consideration the global economy and the recession many countries have gone into, it is now more important than ever to pay increased attention to content marketing for e-commerce. Ms. Lewis suggests the example of ‘Just have a look at and you will very quickly see the amount of content they pump through their website. It’s not just about selling products, but they also have a lot of written content and video content.’

Going on, Ms Lewis stresses the importance of ‘humanizing’ page titles and descriptions. “Gone are the days of keyword stuffing content simply to impress search engines,” Ms Lewis explains. “This type of content often does not read naturally to the human eye and the search engines can pick up on that.” From what Ms Lewis stresses, there is a need for websites to adapt to this requirement – and this aspect is crucial for good SEO results.

But it is as important to have unique content as it is to obey the keyword density. As Ms. Lewis explains, “One thing that a lot of website owners don’t understand is that you need to have a different title and description for each of the pages within your website. If you have the same description or the same page title on several pages, you might actually be hit with a Google duplicate content penalty.”

What clients generally want is to avoid a keyword stuffing penalty, and this can only be done by respecting the boundaries enforced by search engines, especially by Google. Keyword density is an aspect on which Ms Lewis puts great emphasis because this can easily attract a Google penalty (or, as it is sometimes called, a ‘Penguin’ slap).

When it comes to website functionality, there are several issues which can represent serious drawbacks to good rankings. In order to ensure that a website is free of bugs, Ms Lewis recommends using Google Webmaster Tools.

“If there are crawl issues or page load issues or other type of errors on your site, Google Webmaster Tools will now e-mail you to let you know when there are critical errors. So if you don’t already have your website connected, please make sure you do. If there are errors on your site, it may very well be affecting the ranking.”

As for those who think that exact match domains are going to get them good rankings, Fiona Lewis warns that those days are over. “There was a time when if you bought a domain name and you had the exact keywords in it you would have a much stronger chance of ranking very well for that key word”, Ms Lewis says. “Now those days appear to be over. What Google is now doing with their algorithm is working out whether the domains that have the exact phrase or the exact keywords in them are actually good quality sites.” She goes on emphasizing that, “you can’t just get away with having the exact keywords in that domain name and expect that you are going to rank.”

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