Pay Per Click Management Company Confirms that Consumer Trust in Online Advertisers is Rising

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Through careful research, Webrageous (a pay per click management company in Reno) confirms that consumer trust in online advertising in the US is on the rise.

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In order to take advantage of the growth in trust of online advertising, advertisers will need to better connect with consumers, by providing consumers with exactly what they are seeking. Not by tricking them into clicking on their advertisement.

Figures taken from a recent Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, show that trust in online advertising is growing rapidly, while trust in television, magazine and newspaper advertisments has significantly declined.

The Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey released in April shows that online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising after word-of-mouth, with 70% of global consumers surveyed online saying they trust the platform.

Meanwhile, 36% of consumers trust online video ads and 33% believe messages in online banner ads, up from 26% in 2007. Advertisements in search engine results are trusted by 40% of respondents, up from 34% in 2007.

The problem, according to David Chapman (Director of Marketing at Webrageous, a pay per click management firm in Reno), is that online advertisers are not working hard enough to take advantage of that trust.

“What this research tells us is that there is a significant market for online advertising with such a rapid growth in consumer trust, as consumer trust is second to none,” David Chapman said. “But there are a number of things that online advertisers must do if they are going to earn that trust and take advantage of the rising interest and investments in online marketing.

“Obviously, this growth in trust for online search and display advertisements is going to attract even more marketers to the medium,” he said. “So maintaining that consumer trust is going to be even more challenging.”

According to the survey, trust in television, magazine and newspaper ads has declined by 24%, 20% and 25% respectively since 2009. However, the majority of advertising dollars are spent on these advertising forms, particularly television. In fact, television advertising grew 10% worldwide from 2010 to 2011, with particular growth in spending recorded in the US.

“In order to take advantage of the growth in trust of online advertising, advertisers will need to better connect with consumers, by providing consumers with exactly what they are seeking. Not by tricking them into clicking on their advertisement. They need to make the online shopping experience, or the search for a service online, a pleasant one,” Mr. Chapman said.

Online advertisers need to provide this service to consumers all the way from the beginning to the end of their time online. A few important points to note for online advertisers wishing to earn this consumer trust include the following:

1. Online advertisers need to make sure that the advertisements that show up to online consumers are relevant to what they are seeking, whether it is an advertisement that shows up on a search engine for a particular keyword, or a display ad that appears on a particular website.

2. Online advertisements must deliver what was promised. If consumers click on an ad and are taken to a different website or are led to a different product or service then this is going to reduce trust in online advertising and in that advertiser’s brand more specifically.

3. Flashy ads or pop-ups are very distracting and can deter from a consumer’s experience online. It may even cause them to click away from a website and discourage them from returning. Try to stay away from gimmicks or trick advertising as consumers are not only unlikely to click on the ad but it might also encourage them to put a black mark against your name and recommend to others that they avoid your brand.

4. Websites that aren’t optimized for online searchers may affect their ability to keep potential customers on their site. If people cannot quickly work out how to find the information they are seeking then they will get bored and click away. Likewise, conversion paths that are confusing will frustrate consumers and may cause them to discard the conversion altogether.

5. It is very important that the advertisement is relevant to the product or service. If a consumer clicks on an advertisement believing that they were being offered something else then you will lose a potential customer. Also, don’t make false promises in advertisements. This includes, for example, if you advertise 20% off a product but when the consumer clicks on the advertisement they find that the deal is only applicable if they spend over a certain amount.

6. If you really want to win consumer trust, hire a qualified and experienced PPC manager. They will know what aspects of an online advertising campaign must be optimized in order to deliver the best experience for the consumer, increasing the chance that the consumer will go on to make a conversion.

While a lot of these steps might seem like common knowledge or simple to achieve, it can be a challenge for many businesses, particularly if they aren’t outsourcing their online advertising needs and are dealing with the day-to-day running of their business.

That is why Webrageous always suggests seeking a third party source with plenty of experience in handling online advertising campaigns. The team at Webrageous is highly professional and capable of running any business’s online advertising campaign, no matter what their specific needs are.

“The high cost of advertising means advertisers are going to need to come up with the most effective ads,” Mr. Chapman said. “While we can definitely say that online advertising is the key to this, it is crucial that the content of the advertisement is relevant to the audience if they want to convert those consumers into customers.

“In order for online advertising to continue to win consumer trust, advertisers need to offer consumers what they promise. By following the steps listed above they should be able to do this.”

For more information on Webrageous and earning consumer trust through focused online advertising campaigns, visit the company website: To arrange an interview, contact David Chapman at 530-553-1111.

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