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Harish Singhal pens new book titled "The U.S. Constitution, the Republican Party and the Decline of America." The book discusses these issues: Should partisan politics override national economic interest? Should the rich keep getting richer through more tax-cuts while the U.S. debt soars? Should American democracy be sacrificed to serve the interests of the rich?

According to this book, in the 1970s, the Republican Party, with the help of the wealthy, crafted a new Christian religion with the objective of winning the White House, the Congress and influencing the Supreme Court by filling it with Religious Right judges. In helping the Party, the goal of the wealthy was self-enrichment: use funds for social security, medicare, and public education to increase their personal wealth through tax cuts. This fake new religion also incorporated a false economic theory--trickle down economics--and a discredited and obsolete libertarian philosophy. Suddenly, several mega-sized churches and propagandist organizations sprang up all over America to spread those undemocratic ideas as gospel. The well funded and well organized propaganda succeeed in dividing the nation and the Republican Party scored a string of victories in elections beginning with 1968.    

This comprehensive yet concise book (140 pages) is a crash course in American politics. It reveals what the Party has actively concealed from the public: the details of the fake Christian religion, the reason America is politically paralyzed, why Washington doesn’t work, why the economy is in shambles; and why the Supreme Court has been infected with rightwing politics and lost its independence. It explains the connection of the Republican Party ideology to Machiavellli, and the workings of a secret organization that runs the Party. It also explains how the Constitution is being undermined to serve the goals of the rich. Remarkably, the TVs channels, the radio talk show hosts keep silent about these matters out of fear or greed.    

The book has received 5 stars on Amazon. A reader said: Every voter should read this book...What an eye-opening expose! I wonder if most republicans realize how manipulative their leaders are."

The author, Harish Singhal (pen name Sam Kushner), is a UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) law grad; he spent a year at Harvard as Visiting Scholar, and was published in the Harv'd Int'l Law Journal. He worked for Fortune 500 corporations. But his insights came when he wrote his novel "King Asoka: A Love Story." It was published in India and received wide acclaim in national newspapers. The novel is about the legendary Indian king who relinquished his fundamentalist religion because it favored the rich and oppressed the masses by high taxes and fees. Asoka then provided to his people equality, social justice and universal healthcare and the right to pursue happiness. Ironically, in the 21st century America, the Republicans and the wealthy have fabricated a religion similar to the one Asoka relinquished over 2000 years ago. Is progress an illusion? Is religion just a tool of the rich to play politics with the lives of the common people?

The author lives in Walnut Creek, California. He can be contacted at Kushnersam(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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