Calgary Roofing Company Presents Its “Gold Seal Membership”

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In a city where hailstorms can break out in any given month, having extra roofing protection probably strikes a lot of homeowners as a sound idea. That’s why the Hire A Husband Roofing company is offering a new monthly warranty, to ensure ongoing protection for concerned Calgarians.

Not what you want your roof to look like...

The Hire A Husband Roofing company has a different strategy, one that allows homeowners to be more proactive about some of the difficulties they can expect to face in his city.

It’s no secret to anyone living in Calgary that extreme weather is a regular, periodical occurrence, and not out of the ordinary. People living in the city have had to find ways of dealing with it, whether it’s hail, high wind or a prolonged snowstorm.

In the summer of 2012 there were two devastating hailstorms that swept through the city, causing damage that is still being tallied (estimates range upwards of $200 million, but insurance companies are still dealing with claims). Very few businesses or homes were left unaffected by this catastrophe, but one of the biggest problems faced by regular homeowners was the damage to their roofs.

It would be one thing if storms like the ones the city experienced over the past summer were a complete rarity, but Calgarians are used to having to deal with this type of thing, and bad storms involving hail and damaging winds are the rule rather than the exception.

In a climate like that, some kind of additional protection for a homeowner’s roof would probably be appreciated, but most Calgary roofing companies are only interested in sweeping in after the fact and capitalizing on the excessive damages. This business model might be lucrative, but it’s a shade exploitative.

The Hire A Husband Roofing company has a different strategy, one that allows homeowners to be more proactive about some of the difficulties they can expect to face in his city. They’re launching a program this week called the “Gold Membership” program that allows their clientele to sign up for as little as $99/month and receive ongoing extended coverage for the vast majority of their roofing needs.

Repairs are generally done within twenty-four hours so in the immediate aftermath of storms like the hail and wind storms of this summer homeowners would be able to call their Calgary roofer and have them conduct the necessary fixes.

This membership plan covers more than just catastrophes, however. Those who are signed up can receive a wide variety of discounted services including inspections and much more. The products that they do buy will then be warrantied for ten years, and no matter how small the repair job is a team of professionals will be deployed to look into the matter within a prompt time frame.

This is a great product for those who have bought a new home where all of the existing warranties have run up, or were working with a contractor who finished the roof but then went out of business, leaving them without any hedge against the eventualities that can happen to any Calgarian homeowner.

It’s a new product, so interested consumers might wonder if it’s as good as it sounds or if it will live up to its promise. It’s a valid concern, but the Hire A Husband Roofing company has been pioneering this approach for a long time, and a prototypical offering has been available to their clients for a long time.

This is an outfit that is known for their consistent quality in workmanship, their promptness and efficiency, and the friendliness and affability of their staff and work crew. They have received a lot of positive notices from their clients over the years, and this fresh offering is likely to bring in yet more positive reviews.

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