Pump Solutions Australasia Launches Pump-motor Unit FG100 Series from Fluid-o-Tech

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Australian pump importer and distributor offers a versatile solution to multiple pumping needs, and explains the benefits and many uses of the Fluid-o-Tech FG100 Series.

Pump Solutions Australasia

The FG100 is one of the most reliable and versatile pumps we have seen. It offers a lot of power and performance in a very small package. It’s a very simple design that belies its ability to adapt to numerous uses.

Pump Solutions Australasia is proud to announce that the Fluid-o-Tech FG100 Series pump-motor unit is now available for their customers Australia wide. The Fluid-o-Tech FG100 is a compact gear water pump that is adaptable to many different machines. It has a stainless steel pump housing which protects the non-metallic parts, all materials are carefully chosen by their engineers to comply with industry sanitary standards and requirements.

The FG100 series gear pump features an electromagnetic drive which transmits the rotation in a smooth, quiet manner, with almost no discernible noise, and with no leaks. The brushless 24V DC motor and integrated electronics allow complete control and ultimate flexibility.

Pump Solutions Australasia feels that this combination of external gear pump technology, mixed with the brushless DC motor, in a rotor-less configuration, ensures consistent and efficient performance, with minimal maintenance, and exceptionally long service life.

It is manufactured to very strict sanitation standards. This allows it to be used for food and medical applications. Two of its most popular applications are in the food industry: espresso coffee machines and food processing equipment.

The FG100 is also used in water treatment and medical equipment. Because of its versatility, the FG100 can also be used in cooling systems, laboratory instrumentation, lubrication, and even laser apparatus.

The pump and motor unit measures 57 mm X 57 mm X 82 mm and weighs only 675 g or 1.5 lb, with maximum power output of 50 watts. The 24 V motor can run from 500 to 5000 rpm. Featuring Peek gears and bushing material, and AISI 316L pump housing material. It has a maximum static pressure of 20 bar (290 psi), and a maximum vacuum pressure of 724 mmHg, and has 1/8”GAS ports.

Pump Solutions Australasia owner Mike Hurlbatt feels that the FG100 series gear pump is a great addition to their product line: “The FG100 is one of the most reliable and versatile pumps we have seen. It offers a lot of power and performance in a very small package. It’s a very simple design that belies its ability to adapt to numerous uses.”

Hurlbatt continued, “Because it is so simply designed, the FG100 can be counted on to give maximum service for the maximum amount of time, but with minimal maintenance. It puts out a lot of power for such a small pump, and that is a major part of what makes it so versatile. When you think about it, it’s almost mind-boggling that the same pump can be used for lasers and espresso coffee.”

Hurlbatt elaborated, “Usually, the food equipment industry is a ‘closed shop.’ Equipment is either made for the food industry, or for outside uses. The FG100 not only has food applications, but industrial, scientific, and medical applications, too. When you combine that with an extremely convenient size, and the different ways it can be configured, we’re talking about a great little product.”

Hurlbatt concluded, “We are already getting a lot of enquiries about the FG100, but we’re not surprised. Fluid-o-Tech is making some of the most reliable products in the industry right now. We’re proud to be carrying their products.”

Pump Solutions Australasia is a one stop solution for your pumping needs. They have a plethora of residential, commercial, and industrial pumps, including vacuum, water, submersible, and centrifugal pumps. Check out their website and see more of their products and services: http://www.pumpsolutions.com.au/, or call them directly at (08) 9408 1544.

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