Nursery Bedding Manufacturer Argington Comments on Healthier Beverage Alternatives to Sodas and Soft Drinks

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After a news article by TheNational about the potentially harmful ingredients found in soft drinks, nursery bedding company Argington comments, approving of healthier organic alternatives for children.

On October 8, 2012, nursery bedding manufacturer, Argington, comments on an article that alludes to unhealthy ingredients in soda and other carbonated drinks, praising alternative drinks with organic ingredients.

According to a news article by The National, carbonated drinks contain various carcinogenic ingredients that pose particular health risks to children. These harmful carcinogens, including potassium benzoate, can “weaken the bones, rot teeth and are a serious health risk,” causing negatives effects upon children who drink them repeatedly. The article further states that, in addition to these chemicals, soft drinks contain other sugars which “raises body fat and cholesterol significantly.”

Argington representative Clay Darrohn comments on the importance of finding healthier drinks for children with less sugar and chemical content, saying, “It may seem harmless to allow your child to drink soda every day. Thinking that soda won’t cause the child any immediate harm is unfortunately common. Like anything else, soda should be drunk in moderation because the negative health problems can build up over time. I certainly wouldn’t want my children to spend years of their life dealing with heart disease because of a sugary, carbonated drink.”

Argington, a company which specializes in organic bedding and furniture options for children, knows the importance of keeping a child healthy in all aspects of their lives, including something as simple as which drinks they ingest. “There are always other options to look into,” Darrohn said. “Organic drinks, even carbonated ones, keep sugary and chemical substances to a minimum. The conventional soft drinks don’t need to be cut out completely, but they should be balanced with healthier organic drinks that can still taste just as good as the norm. Switching to sugar-free teas or water is better than drinking pure sugar.”

Argington is located in New York and is a manufacturer of fine baby furniture and nursery bedding. Proudly offering sustainable products that are organic or eco-friendly, Argington’s products are also designed with mobility and multiple uses in mind to make parents’ lives easier.

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